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2009 Summer Movie Showdown!

Ahhhh…..summer movies! 3 months….no…4 MONTHS of gratutitous action, loud explosions, and mindblowing special FX!! PLOT??? Feh! Sheeeeeit, I spend an entire years worth of movie money on just summer movies alone! From May to August -we’re talking $200-300!! And I don’t buy $10 theater popcorn – helll naw Playah! I sneaks mine in Grandpa Freeman-style. Hahaa and here in Austin, TX lucky bastards like me have the Alamo

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Official X-Men Origins: Wolverine Movie Trailer! FINALLY!!

Holeeeeee SH%T!  PLEASE tell me you have seen the Wolverine trailer! NO????!! Your life is not complete! Go. See. Now.   HERE!  and Below! http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=48043679 CHECK OUT THESE INSANE SCREEN CAPS BELOW!   (fresh out of the adamantium tank!) (Gambit!) (Gambit in action!) (the Ragin’ Cajun!) (Emma Frost in Diamond form!) (child Storm !!)   Dear God – this is

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