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Comic Book Throwback: Amazing Spiderman #269 & #270 – vs. Firelord!

Amazing Spider-man #269 & #270 – versus FIRELORD! – herald of Galactus Yo – one thing i love about Spiderman is how he  finds himself in some serious SHIT… – yet somehow manages to figure a way out of it!   In one of his classic battles –  our friendly web-head takes on a herald of Galactus – FIRELORD! [see Galactus’ heralds here]   

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Fusion NYCC Teaser Trailer!

I’m  geeked becuz it appears that they used the Marvel Comics’ ‘Civil War’ storyline for the game! In my opinion – the Civil War storyline is one of Marvel’s better crossovers in recent memory.     Definitely better than DC Comics’ perpetual ‘Crisis’! Haaa   In any event – check the Ultimate Alliance 2 teaser trailer – looks tight! http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=video&show_id=58748 SCREENSHOTS!

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Throwback Thursday: Amazing Spiderman #197 -Kingpin’s brutal beatdown!

Throwback Thursday presents: Amazing Spider-Man #197 (1979) ~Kingpin’s big-time beatdown~ – Okay, here’s the deal, we all know that Spidey and Kingpin have thrown down before, and its pretty formulaic how it turns out…but MAN! – this time Kingpin really puts them hands on Spiderman! I can’t really recall all of the details (its been awhile since I read it)

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