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Happy 09′, everyone!

HAPPY 09′, EVERYONE!!! FROM ALL OFF US AT 2 COMIC BOOK GUYS!!! don’t you just love the holiday season? hope your new year is full of success and accomplishment! I’m starting off the new years right this year: gym membership, relocating to a house, and my personal favorite, new better faster electronics! so enjoy this year, step outside the box,

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Throwback Thursday: Amazing Spiderman #197 -Kingpin’s brutal beatdown!

Throwback Thursday presents: Amazing Spider-Man #197 (1979) ~Kingpin’s big-time beatdown~ – Okay, here’s the deal, we all know that Spidey and Kingpin have thrown down before, and its pretty formulaic how it turns out…but MAN! – this time Kingpin really puts them hands on Spiderman! I can’t really recall all of the details (its been awhile since I read it)

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