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Stephen King’s PET SEMATARY! (2019) -a Movie review resurrecting the original story (and book!)

Jay Dubb here with another awesome movie review! This week I checked out  one of Stephen King’s all-time classics ‘Pet Sematary’!’ The story about a burial ground bringing the dead back to life! As always, a quick 30-second review is followed by a more in-depth review. How does this version stack up the the 1989 original?  30-SECOND REVIEW: Death Sucks.

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‘Us’ (2019) movie review! Jordan Peele latest shows the darker side of ourselves! [100% Spoiler and gluten free!]

Jay Dubb here! Check out my movie review for Jordan Peele’s latest fright-fest, ‘Us’! 100% spoiler free. Enjoy! 30 SECOND REVIEW: Jordan Peele is the new Master of Macabre! ‘Us’ is a worthy followup to the classic ‘Get Out’ and let’s hope he keeps this streak going. This time around the evil is a familiar yet twisted look at humanity.

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1,000 Movies to watch before you die! Netflix ‘The Night Comes For Us’

“so f#cking dope I caught an adrenaline high from watching it!”   There are PLENNY of action films out there…but ever so often a Real One comes along and pushes the genre forward. This is that movie. If you’re like me, you LOVE your action with bone-crunching, blood-spurting, body maiming viscera! You like disturbing shit (I saw the Devil). You like

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