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Welcome to the world!!!! A special T.G.I.F….

First things, first.  Congrats to Jay and his wife for bringing new life into this world!!! you should’ve named him after me…. now onto the blog….greetings, ladies and gents, kids and animals, inanimate objects alike. welcome to the world famous T.G.I.F blog!! a fabulous collection of say-nothings, crazy ideas, random babblings, and all things weird! all wrapped up in a

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what it dew gents and gams……. what? you didn’t think that you’d hear from me on this friday? hell to the nzzzzawwww, you were wrong!! i’m up in dallas to give you the first-hand scoop…..on absolutely NOTHING!! hahahahaahahahahaaaaaaaaa…….aaaaaa!! i’m on a slight vacation. but i still can hit you with your weekly dose of random babblings and non-sensical musings of

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