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‘THE BOYS’ TV SERIES REVIEW! Everything you DID NOT want to know! (But I’m telling you anyways)

Jay Dubb here for Bad Boy Nerd with another review! This week one of my FAVORITE comic books ever just released as a TV show and I couldn’t be more exited 😀 😀 😀 – How does the TV show stack up to the original series? Read below for my recommendation!   30- SECOND REVIEW! Based on a controversial comic

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Bad Boy Nerd Spotlight on: Wee Hughie (from ‘The Boys’)

Spotlight On: Wee Hughie! (Hugh Campbell) 1st appearance: The Boys #1 (2006) Why we like: Another great creation from the twisted mind of Garth Ennis! Hugh Campbell was a regular London bloke on the cusp of being blissfully in love.. Life was looking great! Unfortunately, his girlfriend was literally smashed to a pulp by an errant speedster superhero. ( and you thought YOU

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