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SPOTLIGHT: DC Comics ‘Naomi’ – Brian Michael Bendis’ new African-American superhero sensation!

SPOTLIGHT ON: NAOMI 1st Appearance, DC Comics Naomi #1 (2018) By now we all know that after 20 years at Marvel, Brian Michael Bendis (creator of Marvel Ultimate Universe and too much dope shit to list) switched teams and joined DC Comics under an exclusive contract! his first move: releasing a new imprint Wonder Comics! One of those characters is

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PULL LIST: Savage Avengers #1, DCeased #1, Star Wars Age of Rebellion BOBA FETT #1, Excellence #1!

Some of the books I picked up recently!   Just listen to this line-up! Wolverine – The Punisher – Conan the friggin Barbarian – Venom – Elektra – and Brother Voodoo! The issue kicks off with a bloody, bone-crunching battle between Wolverine Vs. Conan! That alone is worth the read plus this great line from Conan after shoving a sword

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In case you missed the first time…. LOBO the Movie!

Is anyone else excited about this?? Beside me and Friday?? We’ve already BLOGGED IT ONCE! The MAIN MAN is coming to the big screen!!! C’mon….you know you are wet with excitement 😀 Liquid-snorkling hilarity, pure unadulterated raunchiness, gratuitous violence and gore, over the top insanty….WHAT MORE CAN YOU ASK FOR INNA MOVIE??? [i mean besides Eva Mendes topless] LOBO: THE

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