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Happy 09′, everyone!

HAPPY 09′, EVERYONE!!! FROM ALL OFF US AT 2 COMIC BOOK GUYS!!! don’t you just love the holiday season? hope your new year is full of success and accomplishment! I’m starting off the new years right this year: gym membership, relocating to a house, and my personal favorite, new better faster electronics! so enjoy this year, step outside the box,

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The first T.G.I.F!!!!!

what up what up what uuuuuupppppp??!! i freaking hate typing correctly, and this is my page, so guess what? i’m not gonna do it. spell check? not necessary here. and if i want to change the colors of the words, then dammit, that’s what’s going down ’round here. peep game, is anybody else ready for some crossover comic flicks, or

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