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2014 is upon us…..

so folks, 2013 is over! Good. great. gone. see ya later! let’s get on with 2014 and the greatness of movies that are to come. Getcha popcorn ready, folks! Start saving that spare change and tire money! Start buying Natty Light, because Hollywood has no shortage of Super Powered blockbusters coming our way this year! Marvel is giving up THREE

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Comic Book Throwback: The Avengers #267, 268, 269 – Kang the Conquerer!

AVENGERS #267, 268, 269 (1986) – Kang’s BIG Adventure! For today’s throwback comic, I dug into my Avengers stack and brought out this personal fave… Bottom Line: U gotts somewhat admire a guy who is not only willing to defeat all of his foes – but defeat HIMSELF!  Imagine yourself –  fighting …..Yourself ….. continuously…… throughout history – and each

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The first T.G.I.F!!!!!

what up what up what uuuuuupppppp??!! i freaking hate typing correctly, and this is my page, so guess what? i’m not gonna do it. spell check? not necessary here. and if i want to change the colors of the words, then dammit, that’s what’s going down ’round here. peep game, is anybody else ready for some crossover comic flicks, or

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