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S1E1.5 – Special Avengers Endgame Box Office episode! Will Endgame take down Avatar as THE Biggest movie of all time???

Avengers Endgame is on a tear, shattering box office records!! Jay Dubb breaks down this historic run and predicts where it will end up! – Will Endgame take down James Cameron’s Avatar to be become #1 Box Office Champ of … Continue reading

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Bad Wrap! Presents: Endgame gets that bag! GoT S8E4 Smackdown!- Team Tormund v Team Jaime! Tyrion v Varys! Sansa V Danerys!

Wattup folks, your boy Jay Dubb here with the weekly wrap-up blog, ‘Bad Wrap’!   Avengers: Endgame just secured the quickest bag in movie history by going $2Billy in 11 days!!!!! 💰💰💰💰💰 https://www.vox.com/culture/2019/5/6/18531158/avengers-endgame-box-office-2-billion   I need a come up like … Continue reading

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