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Special Halloween Edition: Are you ready for Japanese COSPLAY?

In my last blog entry: Japanese Cosplay puts Halloween Costumes To Shame!, I briefly introduced you to the fascinating world of Cosplay. Just like little girls are obsessed with being princesses and boys with being some sort of superhero for Halloween, Japanese take Cosplays seriously. How does that sound to get paid being a cosplayer? Not bad doesn’t it? Well,

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2 Comic Book Guys! 1st posting

2 Comic Book Guys kicks off O-Fish-ally TODAY with our intro! (drumroll please…..) JAY: The moderator, numerator, common-ator, and dominator of the blog. All hail to the king, baby! FRIDAY: aka The Daywalker, is Jay’s big, burly, partner-in-crime on this blog. He is the yang to Jay’s yin.  Respect, bitches. DUMPLING: is our adorable little pocket-sized Asian delight who is

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