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Grand Central Comics – our banner shop, selling New and Vintage comic books…only the Hottest books including Silver Age, Bronze Age, Copper and Modern classics from Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Image, Avatar Press, Vertigo, and others. All the favorites are there! Batman, Superman, X-Men, Spider-Man, Deadpool! (just to name a few)…

PLUS – Hard to Find, Rare, Scarce low printings, 1st Appearance and Key Issues!


Some of the current highlighted books include:

Cable & Deadpool #1 (2004)

Before the movie Deadpool 2 Wade Wilson and Nathan Summers were Two grown men with deadly genetic weaponry work together and driving each other crazy! Action, adventure, black-ops, black humor and lots and lots of gunfire! COVERS BY DEADPOOL & CABLE CREATOR ROB LIEFELD!


BATMAN #197 (1967)

Catwoman is back! And the only one who can stop her is a new hero…Batgirl?! A Silver Age Classic available in High Grade!


ACTION COMICS #340 (1966)

1st Appearance Key issue* – One of Superman’s Deadliest Foes! Exposed to radioactive waste, lab worker Jensen becomes the Parasite, who has the ability to absorb energy from all living beings, including Superman!


Green Lantern #16 (1962)

1st Appearance key issue* – Silver Age key issue Featuring the 1st appearance of Star Sapphire! Zamoran warriors travel to Earth to make Carol Ferris thier new queen. They turn Carol into Star Sapphire and test her by having her defeat Green Lantern. Earth’s First Green Lantern! Classic Gil Kane art.

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