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The Verdict is in – AMC’s ‘THE WALKING DEAD’ kicks so much ass!

‘HOW MUCH ASS DOES IT KICK’? you might ask? It kicks Chuck Norris-type ass for damnsure! Well….ok maybe not THAT much ass-kicking… BUT IT DOES KICK ASS! 😀 As far as adaptations go – especially comic book adapts, which can suck if not done properly – AMC brought the zombie funk on this one. All the blood, rotting flesh, and

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Avengers…ASSEMBLED!! Full movie cast announced!

It’s official!! The AVENGERS movie lineup was announced yesterday by none other than Col Nick Fury himself, Mr Samuel L  Jackson at Comic-Con International!! . Samuel L. Jackson announces ‘Avengers’ cast Sun Jul 25, 12:48 am ET . SAN DIEGO – Comic book fans no longer have to imagine what it might be like to see all their favorite superheroes in one place. They

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Movie Review: ‘Crash’ of the Titans!

The Goods: ……… that part where Medusa tried to turn Desert Stone Dude in stone? that was mildly funny. The Kraken money shot was somewhat impressive. The Bads: Where to start??  Liam Neeson costume as Zeus? – Hurrible! The Ugly: Everything in between. And it featured that lovable mechanical owl from the original….but they THREW HIM AWAY! He would have

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