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Throwback Thursday: Batman – Dark Knight Strikes Again

In 1985 Frank Miller gave us the darkest, most popular version of Batman: an older, war-torn, bitter Bruce Wayne who lived in a fascist American nightmare! That was ‘The Dark Knight Returns’…… This is the follow-up story… The DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN (2001) ‘DK2’ picks up a few yrs after DKR – Batman, Catgirl, and the Bat-army have re-emerged from their underground catacombs to

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Throwback Tuesday Presents: Uncanny X-Men #266 – Gambit!

THROWBACK TUESDAY PRESENTS: Uncanny X-Men #266 (1990) For today’s throwback I din’t have to dig too deep in my stash to pull this one out – this one is a classic….Uncanny X-Men #266 is one of those books that a collector MUST HAVE in their collection. The *debut of everyone’s favorite red-eyed mutant – Gambit! (Created by writer Chris Claremont and artist

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Wolverine’s 35th Anniversary! 35 years of *SNIKT!* :)

It’s almost that time!! The X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie is right around the corner! — And we basterds here at 2 comic Book Guys are psyched, hyped, and geeked to witness that first *SNIKT!* from James ‘Logan Howlett!! You know how the story goes – good ol’ American Canadian boy James Howlett comes of age – grows some mutant claws –

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