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SPOTLIGHT: DC Comics ‘Naomi’ – Brian Michael Bendis’ new African-American superhero sensation!

SPOTLIGHT ON: NAOMI 1st Appearance, DC Comics Naomi #1 (2018) By now we all know that after 20 years at Marvel, Brian Michael Bendis (creator of Marvel Ultimate Universe and too much dope shit to list) switched teams and joined DC Comics under an exclusive contract! his first move: releasing a new imprint Wonder Comics! One of those characters is

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One of MY most anticipated comic books of 2019 was apparently TOO MUCH for DC Comics/Vertigo to handle – them bastards actually cancelled it! (boooo!)   Thankfully it found a new hoe (yaaay!) 😀 Ahoy Comics (who??) announced it would publish the story about G-O-D sending Jesus Christ back to Earth to lean about being a ‘hero’…. by

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Throwback Thursday: Batman – Dark Knight Strikes Again

In 1985 Frank Miller gave us the darkest, most popular version of Batman: an older, war-torn, bitter Bruce Wayne who lived in a fascist American nightmare! That was ‘The Dark Knight Returns’…… This is the follow-up story… The DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN (2001) ‘DK2’ picks up a few yrs after DKR – Batman, Catgirl, and the Bat-army have re-emerged from their underground catacombs to

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