Meet Jay Dubb

The O.G. Bad Boy Nerd!

Jay Dubb – the HNIC (thats, Head Nerd In Charge – what were you thinking?) is a blogger, podcast host, sometimes artist, music lover, lifelong comic book nerd and diehard hip-hop head! His favorite artists include: pretty much all old school rap + everything in between…from MF DOOM to Future, from Public Enemy to Blu and Exile, from Mobb Deep to Nipsy Hussle!

Like many ’80s babies, Jay grew up on a steady diet of sugary cereal, television, comic books, Kool-Aid, video games and awesome music! A self-proclaimed ‘Warrior Geek‘, Jay brings a hardcore ‘street vibe’ to the pop culture world – combining testosterone-fueled muscles and Geekdom into an gloriously improbable mash-up! It shouldn’t make sense but it totally works! πŸ˜‰