Bad Boy Nerd Comic Book Review: Star Wars The High Republic Adventures #5 (6/16/2021)

[IDW 2021]

I fear that this series is being overshadowed by its ‘big brother’ Star Wars: The High Republic… which is too bad because ‘Adventures’ is EXCELLENT!

Forget the fact that it introduces a TON of new characters, new ships, and new planets (massive spec potential), THRA is a rip-roaring good time that starts off on Level 10 in the first issue and never let’s off the gas! Every issue so far has been Non-Stop action

Consider that this story is mainly about Jedi Master Yoda -on a recovery mission to a hostile planet with a crop of Padawan Younglings on board (introducing us to Lula, Farzal, Krix, and Zeen). What starts off as training exercise QUICKLY turns into a deadly rescue/survival mission against a galactic threat known as the NIHIL! If you aren’t reading this YOU SHOULD BE.

Yes, it carries the Disney brand on the cover and YES it is found in the kid section of your LCS…but this is definitely a series for ALL ages! Hop on board NOW because this will absolutely be adapted into a Disney+ series. It is too good not to!

(Star Wars The High Republic and other great books can be purchased online at THIS SHOP)

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