Bad Boy Nerd Comic Book Review: Nightwing #81 – HEARTLESS strikes! (6/15/2021)

[DC Comics 2016 series]

Oh. My. GAWD! Tom Taylor continues to deliver the goods!

NIGHTWING is far and away THEE book I look forward to every month! (well, this and Marvel’s Strange Academy)

Starting with the now iconic issue #78, Nightwing packs plenty of heart, humor, great dialogue and nonstop action…With plenty of fun moments in between! In this issue Dick Grayson faces the terrifying menace known as HEARTLESS! This guy looks to be a Serious threat for Grayson to deal with similar to Batman and Hush!

if that weren’t enough, Grayson has to deal with the recently sworn-in corrupt Mayor Melinda Zucco – who operates under the shadow of Blockbuster! But, oh that shocking cliffhanger ending! :O :O :O Also – There is a moment with Grayson and Drake that really tugs at the heartstrings. Dammit Tom Taylor you’re killin me with Awesomeness!

You SHOULD be reading Nightwing. You MUST read Nightwing! Start reading Nightwing ASAP!

(Nightwing and other great books can be purchased online at THIS SHOP)

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