Bad Boy Nerd Comic Book Review: ‘Black Cotton’ is EVERYTHING we didn’t ask for! (but SO glad we got it!)

Alright, stop what you doin’! cuz I’m about to ruin/ the image and the style that ya used to!

Digital Underground “Humpty Dance”

[Scout Comics, 2021]

Okay… stop everything you doing because THIS series right here is Dope!

‘Black Cotton’ takes everything about our society and flips it around! In this Alternate Reality (or correct reality, depending on how you view it lol) Black is White, White is the New Black, and the Cotton Family reigns over all! A Police shooting takes place – only THIS time a Black cop shoots an unarmed White woman, causing civil unrest and a media firestorm!

Writers Patrick Foreman and Brian Hawkins present the Cottons, a powerfully wealthy American family steeped in tradition and determined to maintain their status quo at all costs. While this premise sounds like a simple case of Opposite World, that couldn’t be further from the truth. This book dives DEEP into social justice troves but with the roles reversed! Black people are well off; White people live in ghettos and ‘hoods. Tensions are high as racism, classism, and tribalism abound.

‘Black Cotton’ is a very well-crafted and fully realized universe filled with excellent dialogue and wickedly clever humor. The writing is pitch-perfect, and at times LOL funny! Foreman and Hawkins pull NO punches and I love it! It’s a WHOLE mood that MUST be read!

This book comes with my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION and I truly hope it gets picked up and adapted into a network series! 🙂

“Black Cotton!”

(Black Cotton and other great books can be purchased online at THIS SHOP)

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