‘BRIDGERTON’ – Perfect Guilty Pleasure to end the year 2020!

30-Second Review:

‘Bridgerton’ is THEE Guilty Pleasure event to end the year 2020! Netflix delivers a home-run hit by stealing Shonda Rhimes from ABC (Your loss, Disney!) and cranking out this addictive Romance/Dramedy. For a guy like me who doesn’t care about stuffy British period drama or Romantic stuff, I have to admit this was very entertaining. I breezed through the entire series in a few days! Check it out, I dare you not to like it 😉

OFF THE RIP – WHY DID I EVEN CLICK ON THIS in the first place?? 😆

I saw the trailer and immediately thought, “Hold up….I see wealthy Black PEOPLE!” – then I was like,

“Hey…is this Black dude about to seduce this little white chick??” 😲😆

Yes, I admit the racial intrigue is what lured me in…but the story is what kept me.

‘Bridgerton‘  has all the Shonda Rhimes elements – witty dialogue, Sex, drama, intrigue, mystery, sex, humor, scandals, sex…you get the point lol

The series takes place in early 1800s England, a time of Regents and Romance, where young  Daphne Bridgerton (played by the IRL British hottie Phoebe Dynevor) is making her society ‘debut’. She’s to catch the eye of a Lord and land a worthy husband. Daphne is the eldest daughter of 8 Bridgerton siblings and is the Prize of the current ‘Season’. Daphne is seen as flawless, grabbing the attention of Queen Charlotte, played perfectly by Black actress Golda Rosheuvel (yes, this Queen had a historical African heritage).

Daphne basically has her CHOICE of any man she wants – her only problem is, she falls for the Wrong Guy!

Enter: Simon, the Duke of Hastings.

Played by Rege’ Jean Page, Simon is the Dashing, womanizing Guy that you don’t take home to mom (‘A rake!’). Of course, this is who Daphne falls for. What Should be a cut-n-dry story…beautiful young girl marries handsome wealthy Duke. Nah! lol The whole courtship is a big sham and a hot mess…filled with a LOT of drama and some LOL moments.

But the CHEMISTRY between actors Rege’ and Phoebe is undeniable. The two of them together make for some serious sexual tension. (and eventually some serious sex scenes) 🔥🔥🔥

Besides all the drama and intrigue and romanticized modern music (Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish) – I have to give major props to the casting. Bridgerton is a REFRESHING blend of racial integration displayed fully in London High Society. Not so much as a whiff of Jim Crow racism or segregation.

Revisionist history? – Sure. But I must say it was a joy to watch Black folk in this context! All too often, Black faces are cut from history unless they are slaves, maids and butlers. NOT A CHAIN OR WHIP IN SIGHT!

Here, Black faces held court in all aspects of society – from royalty (the Queen herself), to the leading man Duke Hastings, to the other Debutants and Regents…and even the subplot involving a distant cousin. And you know what? I loved it. It looked right and it FELT right. And of course….

MY FAVORITE CHARACTER Lady Danbury! She who looked glamorous and dapper and basically stole every scene she was in! Andjoa Ando was an absolute treasure to watch and commanded each of her moments. I would like to see her get a Support nomination for this role.

All of this, plus the ever-present mysterious Gossip Writer ‘Lady Whistledown’ (voiced by Julie Andrews), who is basically the one-woman Social Media of that Era, reporting on EVERYTHING… with hilarious results!

Finally….As for the so-called controversial sex scene? 

GET OVER IT, CANCEL CULTURE. 🙄 it was a non-event. Especially for 19th Century noblemen (and women) – who had an OBLIGATION to breed and keep the family line going. Daphne was naïve and misinformed….and only did what she felt was her literal duty at the time. Obviously in the year 2020,  the Court of Public Opinion, the fake-outrage mob of Me-Too era calls this a ‘toxic relationship’ – but really, its no more or less tragic than a few dozen Shakespearean love affairs. ‘Toxic’ didn’t exist in 1820. It was simply Life as usual. 

‘Nuff said about that.

Overall, Bridgerton is a wicked little guilty pleasure and a great way to send off the dreadful year 2020! It is pure escapism with plenty of twists and turns, great costumes, witty repartee and steamy sex Scenes (very realistic, I might add). I’m pretty sure it will win a number of Oscar’s. My predictions for nominations and winners as of 12/31/2020 are below:


Best Dramatic Series – (this will probably to The Queen’s Gambit)

Best Costume Design – WINNER

Best Lead Actress in Drama (Phoebe Dynevor) – this will go to Anya -Taylor Joy for The Queen’s Gambit

Best Supporting Actress in Drama (Golda Rosheuvel as Queen Charlotte)

Best Supporting Actress in Drama (Adjoah Andoh as Lady Danbury)

Best Lead Actor in Drama (Rege’-Jean Page as Simon)


4.5/ 5 stars

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