Bad Boy Nerd: Comic Book Pull List March 2020 -Kill Lock! Punchline! Dawn of X + More!

Wattup folks, Jay Dubb here with this week’s Month’s BAD BOY NERD comic book pull list! Just when I think I’ve read enough, the industry keeps cranking out MORE hotness! These are few titles that I added to my collection so far in the 2020…

Batman #89/ Hell Arisen #3 (DC)


SO if you haven’t heard by now, Joker and Harley Quinn recently ended their 27-yr relationship. Harley has emancipated (see my movie review here) and Joker wasted NO time getting himself a new Capital B-Word.

Her name is Punchline.

And her very brief appearance so far has caused massive waves in the industry. If you haven’t bought a copy of these books by now, fuggedabouit – a single 1st print issue is already selling for between $50 -$65 ungraded! I actually flipped a few copies i copped at retail price and made over $200.

But all hustle aside, these are good reads. In Batman, a NEW new villain has appeared called The Designer. And he is pitting all the villains together against Bats.


over In Hell Arisen, it’s the Batman Who Laughs vs. Apex predator Lex Luthor vs. The Joker vs. DC villains vs. DC Heroes vs. Infected heroes….*sigh* – shit is crazy yo! So much so that The JOKER of all people admits, ‘This is TOO crazy even for me”

When shit gets so bad that The JOKER is the answe?r – You know you done fucked up.



This series further proves what I said before: that the latest SW trilogy was REALLY about Kylo Ren and the focus was wrongly shifted to Rey; I still agree with that.

The ridiculously OP’d Rey PALPATINE (yup) just wasn’t an intriguing enough character for me. But that damn Ben Solo??? Them Ben Solos tho??! Yo, them Ben Solos was my JAM! lmao

But seriously, Rise of Kylo Ren gives a juicy backstory to how young Ben became involved in the Dark Side under the tutelage of the mysterious Supreme Leader Snoke . It’s fun to watch a Jedi turn DARK and the shit that Kylo was willing to do? it is just evil AF.

1st prints of these books have gone triple QUADruple FlurFlipple platinum! LOL

X-Men /Dawn of X (Marvel) 

Jonathan Hickman has taken the X-books to a WHOLE new level.

Remember waaaaay back in 2019 when I said ‘Start reading X-Men comics books RIGHT NOW‘?? Yeah, I meant that shit! What writer Jonathan Hickman is doing is revolutionary! I can’t stress that enough..

(“Can you tell us WHY, Jay Dubb?”)

I sure can 🙂

So Professor X managed to unite ALL the mutants on Earth. And I do mean ALL – heroes, villains, anti-heroes, underground, sidekicks…Apocalypse, Magneto, Xavier, the Hellfire Club… EVERYBODY lives together now under the banner of Mutant Nation!! At this point it is purely Mutants Vs. Humans.

Even if you don’t ‘read comic books’ lol I suggest checking out the House of X/ Powers of X Trade paperback (TPB) collected story. It’s some of the dopest shit you’ll ever read in your LIFE.

X-FORCE (Marvel)

That being said,

Remember that part where I said X-Men is on a different level and EVERYONE should be reading it? Well, X-Force is a close second.

As mentioned before, the world of X-men is now Mutants Vs. Humans, and the humans have resorted to THE MOST extreme tactics imaginable! I won’t even spoil it but lets just say, some humans fly under the Game of Thrones banner House of Bolton. if you remember what the Boltons were known for…that’s the shit we are talking bout! :/

The X-Force team operates as a mutant CIA, a task force doing all the spying and dirty work. They barely operate within the confines of their own rules (Kill no humans). It is addictive fun.

Oh, and Kid Omega has become my favorite mutant 🙂




I’m telling you, fuck with Kill Lock. No seriously…fuck with Kill Lock.

Kill Lock is the story of 4 robots, Each found guilty of an irredeemable crime. Together they are banished from their home world and bound together by the Kill Lock—a programming link that means if one of them dies, they all will.


The twist is, these 4 lost souls are the last people wanting to be stuck with. So imagine THREE other people that you absolutely cannot stand in your life (no really, think about it) and imagine being bound to them by DEATH.

That my friends, is the brilliance of Kill Lock. BUt Oh, it it sooo much better than that 🙂

Livio Ramondelli is a one-man Creative Team of this beautiful artwork and incredible story! Fans of sci-fi/horror/action thrillers like Blade Runner or Ex-Machina, or really every dope sci-fi EVER, you will love this book.


That’s a wrap for now! I’ma be back in a month or so for more books.

These books and more can be found on my online shops – Ebay store LINK HERE. And my other website store here.  ‘Til next time! 😉

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