Bad Boy Nerd Presents: A Tyler Perry Productions Netflix Presentation lol – ‘A Fall From Grace’ Quick review!

Black Twitter been going OFF on this latest Tyler Perry Production! And when Black Twitter speaks, I listen. SO I forced myself to watch this. I PROMISED my homegirl Kim I would go in with an open mind (and heart, for the Cause of course) and watch this as objectively as possible for a Tyler Perry movie lol

I mean…it’s a Tyler Perry movie.

However you take that – good, bad, or indifferent. It’s hard to hate on the Black Man who own his own movie studio. I’ll say it again: The Brotha OWNS HIS OWN F*CKING MOVIE STUDIO.

Also, he employs the most Black people outside of the Coca-Cola Co. in Atlanta. Gotta love that.

But here we go again, Black woman in distress by the hands of a Black Man who does evil upon her, only to have a more handsome Black man change her life. That is TP’s calling card. Only THIS TIME (dunh dunh dunnnn!) there is a TWIST (gasp!)

A Fall From Grace is billed as a thriller, but it not exactly thrilling. In fact, I thought it was a courtroom drama about a young attorney cutting her chops. There is nothing ‘thrilling’ about a Black woman being jilted by love and having the world cave in on her…unless you are Tyler Perry. That is his #1 fetish.

Anywhoo, it is neither the worst thing you’ve ever seen -and FAR from the best thing you’ve ever seen. I’m not even sure how to rate this. Phylicia Rashad costars and we LOVE HER. Cicely Tyson shows up; she is a legend, an icon, and a national treasure. It’s worth watching just to catch all the amateurish mistakes. Watch it and join the rest of us Black folk laughing at the memes.

Whatever brings us together 🙂


(out of 5 bad wigs)

Below are the official movie Credits…

Starring: Tyler Perry

Co-Starring: Tyler Perry

Written By: Tyler Perry

Director: Tyler Perry

Producer: Tyler Perry

Executive Producer: Tyler Perry

Editor: Tyler Perry

Score: Tyler Perry

Lighting: Tyler Perry

Costume Design: Tyler Perry

Hair and Makeup: Tyler Perry

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