BAD BOY NERD: Ranking All 10 Quentin Tarantino Movies! (Yes, I said TEN)

Jay Dubb here! So I recently reviewed ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’. Then I decided to rank all of Quentin Tarantino’s movies! Check out my Rankings and see how mine compares to yours!

10) JACKIE BROWN (1997)

It’s tough to follow the juggernaut known as ‘Pulp Fiction’, but Tarantino did a decent job. Jackie Brown is a movie about a smuggler flight attendant who ‘out-foxes’ everyone (pun intended). Lot of moving parts and heavy on the dialogue, but this movie basically showcases Pam Grier being Pam Grier…which is a good thing. A VERY good thing! Grier commands every scene and exudes effortless charisma.

Jackie Brown is the most ‘talk-y’ QT movie and lacks any real action, but as always the supporting cast is impressive (Robert DeNiro, Michael Keaton, Robert Forster). Also features an early appearance by Chris Tucker. And what would a QT movie be without Samuel L. Jackson! He looks exceptionally slimy as an arms dealer with a slicked back ponytail – ha!

9) DEATH PROOF (2007)

I mean….it was cool?? Tarantino collabo’d with Robert Rodriguez on a double-feature called ‘Grind House’ which starred virtually everybody in Hollywood (and I do mean EVERYBODY). Death Proof is a movie about a homicidal stuntman. His weapon of choice is his CAR (yes, you read that correctly). Kurt Russell looks greasy and menacing as Stuntman Mike, the killer.

It’s fun seeing all the Austin scenery (I live in Austin), but QT indulges himself a bit too much. It takes FOREVERRRR to get to the good stuff! Thankfully, the female leads are all HOT enough to pay attention to while they ramble thru QT’s heavy script. Plus, Rosario Dawson ❤

If you skip the first 40 minutes and jump ahead to all the grisly fun, You won’t miss much.



You can read my full in-depth review Here, but ‘OUATIH’ is Tarantino’s love letter to Hollywood. A behind the scenes look at an aging TV star (Leonardo DiCaprio as Rick Dalton) being typecast out of the industry. His ever-faithful sidekick/stunt double Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) helps hold things together as Rick struggles with this new reality.

This movie is mainly driven by the exceptional acting of DiCaprio! But really…not much else happens. It would be interesting to see Rick Dalton in action again; his character is THAT good! And just to make it more interesting, QT adds IRL elements of the fateful actress Sharon Tate (Margot Robbie) untimely murder at the hands of Charles Manson’ killer cult.


I’m not a fan of Westerns. The only ones I like are Tombstone, Unforgiven, Young Guns, and this – The Hateful Eight. Only Tarantino can make a SNOWED-IN CABIN this exciting! Clocking in at a whopping 3 hours (with an extended version nearly 4 hours long), this movie is enjoyable because of the sheer amount of Samuel L. Jackson! Eight strangers stuck in a remote cabin and all of them have their own dark secret. The tension starts immediately and QT expertly keeps it ratcheted sky-high until the penultimate showdown!

Of course, this IS a Tarantino flick so the dialogue is exceptional. QT gives every character plenty of ‘meat’ to work with, which is good because 98% of the movie takes place in a claustrophobic setting. ‘Hateful’ is a classic Whodunit mystery told Tarantino-style!


Tarantino’s revisionist history plays as a black comedy/period thriller but the REALITY of this movie is – You simply cannot take your eyes off of Christoph Waltz.

Waltz plays the ‘Jew Hunter’, Nazi SS Colonel Hans Landa and chews up every every scene he’s in. To be clear, Waltz is pure Bad Guy evil. He relishes his role hunting down Jewish people and happily sniffs them out like a bloodhound. I believe the word is ‘aplomb’ – meaning he REALLY enjoys what he does. But He plays the part SO. DAMN. WELL. you can’t help but enjoy the character!

The movie actually stars Brad Pitt as Army Lt. Aldo Raine and his band of merry Nazi-Hunters, the Basterds. Like Col. Lando, the Basterds are also REALLY good at what they do – which is striking terror into Nazi hearts during Hitler’s occupied France. When the two forces collide (and everything else in between) this movie is a powerhouse! The dialogue is vintage Tarantino through and through with plenty of suspense and a few twists. And as always, the supporting cast is top notch (Michael Fassbender, Diane Krueger). But again, Christoph Waltz steals the show.



And to further that claim, Tarantino casts Christoph Waltz again (thankfully!) as German dentist-turned-bounty hunter Dr. King Schultz. DJango stars Mr. ‘Do Everything’ Jamie Foxx as the title character, a freed slave turned bounty hunter, but Waltz is fuckin phenomenal. Whatever the ‘It-Factor’ is for acting charisma, Christoph Waltz has it.

We can forgive the nearly 100 N-bombs because the movie IS a slavery period piece but not without controversy. Django gave film director Spike Lee fits (Qt DOES have a weird affinity for using n*gger/N*ggah in damn near all his movies)- but fuck that, the story is brilliant.

The supporting cast is superb! Kerry Washington, amazing as Django’s enslaved wife. Leonardo DiCaprio (amazing as always) as plantation owner Calvin Candy; and the the scene-stealing Samuel L. Jackson as House negro Stephen. Don Johnson’s cameo as plantation owner plays as much needed dose of comedy in this heavy-handed slave/superhero fantasy.

*Btw, Django Unchained is Tarantino’s highest grossing movie – $425,368,238! 

4) TRUE ROMANCE (1993)

A bit of a cheat since he didn’t direct this movie, but Tarantino wrote the screenplay so it counts! 😀

if you haven’t seen True Romance you should so so ASAP. True Romance is in a class by itself; a fast-talking, fast-moving, rollercoaster ride that is Lite on the ‘romance’ and very heavy on the ‘Everything else’. This action/thriller/dark comedy is PURE Tarantino through and through! Stars Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette has two star-crossed lovers who stumble into the most ridiculous and improbable mess you can imagine!

There is SO MUCH to love about this movie – the snappy dialogue, the fast pace, the craziness of the entire situation, and of course, the Supporting Cast. Dare I say the co-stars are the TRUE stars! Gary Oldman’s cameo as dreadlocked pimp, Drexel (You have to see it to believe it). Also features an early appearance by the late GREAT James Gandolfini (Tony Soprano!).

And, I must add that nothing – and I do mean NOTHING – comes close to the scene between Dennis Hopper and Christopher Walken during the iconic“The Moors were ni**ers” speech (again, Tarantino REALLY loves the N-Word). Mexican standoffs, drugs, lots of guns, lots of laughs, and violence – LOTS of violence! Only Tarantino, man. Only Tarantino, smdh…

3) KILL BILL I & II (2003/2004)


Like all the classic Saturday kung-fu theater movies rolled into one, Kill Bill is audacious guilty pleasure! A kung-fu lover’s WET DREAM.

The story is simple – Uma Thurman plays The Bride, a former assassin targeted and left for dead on her wedding day. What follows next is REVENGE; sweet, cold, blood-drenched revenge! Her mission: Kill Bill!

Broken into two movies, Kill Bill is riotous, bloody fun from start to finish! Each movie showcases the Bride’s quest to hunt down her former assassin members as she works her way up to Bill. There is enough blood, guts, and sword-swinging violence to fill 10 movies.

As per yoosh, Kill Bill has a ‘killer’ supporting cast (Daryl Hannah, Michael Madsen, Lucy Lui, and IRL kung-fu legends Gordon Lui and Sonny Chiba!)

Also features a ‘killer’ score from Wu-Tang Clan musical architect, The RZA. And, we really REALLY want a part 3 because we all know that Copperhead’s (Vivica Fox) little girl survived to get Her revenge on Beatrice Kiddo.

QT – PLEEEEEEAAASE make that happen!



Mr. White.

Mr. Pink.

Mr. Blonde.

Mr. Brown.

Mr. Orange.

Mr. Blue

Tarantino’s debut film starts off by introducing us to this ‘colorful’ cast of criminals and then immediately descends into CHAOS. This movie announced QT’s arrival in Hollywood – not by knocking down the door; He blew it off the fucking hinges.

Widely considered one of the greatest indie films of all time (I totally agree), Reservoir Dogs is lean, it’s mean, and it is absolutely brutal. Starting off in the middle of chaos and plunging further with every passing second, Dogs is a crime caper gone bad. HORRIBLY bad. The violence is NOT for the faint of heart, but this addictive little piece of crime noir HAS to be watched several times to catch all the nuances.

The Dogs themselves, the merry band of criminals (Steve Buscemi, Michael Madsen, Harvey Keitel, and Tarantino himself) and their iconic black suits are forever immortalized in movie history.

As jaw-dropping as this movie is, it only set the stage for what was coming next…


1) PULP FICTION (1994)

OF COURSE THIS IS #1 – and for good reason!

Pulp Fiction is Simply one of the Top 20 greatest movies ever made by nearly every ‘Best Of…’ list imaginable (You can debate the other 19)

This genre-bending, dark comedy/ crime saga is a MASTERPIECE.

Winner of the Cannes Film Festival Palm D’Or prize – this movie buzzed and went viral before the internet was a THING, making Tarantino an overnight sensation!

Tarantino expertly time-hops between a 24-hour period during the life of Los Angeles hitmen Vincent and Jules (Travolta and Jackson) – an aging boxer, Butch (Bruce Willis) -a drug kingpin, Marcellus Wallace (Ving Rhames) – and his coked-up wife, Mia (Uma Thurman). As is now the hallmark of all QT movies, Pulp Fiction is perfectly cast from top to bottom, with a superb supporting cast! (Christopher Walken, Harvey Keitel, Eric Stoltz). Pulp turned Samuel L. Jackson into a household name and reignited John Travolta’s career. Box office Superstar Bruce Willis worked for scale just to be in this movie.

QT’s script jumps off the screen, with plenty of juicy dialogue among his cast of dozens, making it one of the most quotable movies in history

“Zed’s dead baby. Zed’s dead”

“Say WHAT again. SAY. WHAT. AGAIN! I dare you, I DOUBLE dare you!”

“Ima get Medieval on your ass!”

Take your pick. There are plenty others.

On every level Pulp Fiction is pure movie heaven 🙂 You wish every movie could be as bad-azz as this but that would be virtually impossible; this is lightning in a bottle! Pulp Fiction has since surpassed being a movie and became a part of American pop culture.

There is Nothing like it before, and nothing has come close since.


– And There you have it! I’m sure some of these are different from yours. If you are a diehard Tarantino like me I’d love to hear how YOUR ranking is listed. 😉








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