Cosplay Goddess Danielle DeNicola as Mavis Dracula aka Mavy Wavy!

‘Hotel Transylvania‘ is funnier than I expected. The entire series is wickedly clever and laugh-out-loud funny. It stars Adam Sandler as Count Dracula – dare I say one of his BEST roles in years.

It also stars the world’s cutest 118-yr old ever, Dracula’s ‘teenage’ daughter, Mavis ‘Mavy Wavy’ Dracula.

The animated version didn’t look quiteTHIS THO! 😮😮😮😃😍😃😍

Unnf! has me wanting a Mature version of the animated movie! I’ve heard some peeps have a ‘bite’ fetish, like…vampire type shit? With Grown-Azz Mavy Wavy I can see why! (smh…I’m so bad) 😛

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yer welcome!



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