Bad Boy Nerd Review: ‘The Mandalorian’ – Disney+ and Baby Yoda takeover the World!

As of now, the world is divided into TWO camps: Folks who enjoy the Baby Yoda memes, and the rest of ya’ll who are like ‘WTF is all this baby yoda shit about??’

Allow your boy Jay Dubb to explain it all 😉

So…The Mandalorian is Disney+ tentpole original series. (It is the #1 reason why I subscribed to Disney+). The story supposedly takes place a few year AFTER Return of the Jedi – but BEFORE The Force Awakens. The Empire is crumbled and the economy is bad. The story follows a lone warrior/bounty hunter on his quest for…well, more bounties.

Along the way he makes a SHOCKING discovery. That discovery is what is driving the internet crazy!

To understand the HYPE surrounding this baby Yoda business, first let’s take a quick trip down memory lane and revisit an all-time classic, The Empire Strikes Back (aka Episode V).

Not only is Episode V the BEST of the entire Star Wars saga, not only is it regarded as one of the best movie sequels ever…but IMO, it is one of the BEST movies ever made, periodt.  😀  Episode V is a masterpiece of Shakespearean proportions on every conceivable level. If you haven’t watched ESB since a child, I invite you to go back and watch it as an adult to fully appreciate the nuances of it. Considered the ‘darkest’ of the Star Wars movies, ESB is mostly known for the Big Reveal, that the galactic tyrant known as Lord Darth Vader is Luke’s father (that scene still gives me goosebumps to this day)

– but ESB also introduces two of the most popular SW characters; Jedi Grand Master Yoda,

and Mandalorian bounty hunter supreme, Boba Fett.

That being said,  go re-watch The Empire Strikes Back during this 2019 holiday season. Afterwards, come back and join the rest of geek society with a better understanding for the Disney+ game-changer, ‘The Mandalorian’.


Oh, You back? Good. Hopefully, now this baby Yoda business makes more sense 🙂


The Mandalorian expands on the warrior-cult known as Mandalorians- a society of bounty hunters sworn to extreme secrecy of warrior lifestyle. (Think the 300 Spartans wearing full body armor). They live, eat, breathe, and shit warrior life. LITERALLY living in their revered armor. It is a tough life but…‘It is the way’ (their motto).

It also introduces a shocking new character Baby Yoda (the Child).


The Baby Yoda reveal was the biggest collective ‘WTF!!‘ moment in recent memory.

Baby Yoda is hella cute. I mean RIDICULOUSLY Adorable!

But that’s beside the point. As of this writing (12/5/2019), this reveal opens implications of Jedi Grand Master Yoda getting his swerve on and having a possible secret LOVE CHILD (yep!!). See, Yoda is mysterious alien race who achieved the Highest Rank of the Jedi Order. And as of now, there was only ONE OTHER Yoda alien ever mentioned, named Yaddle.

Yaddle is a She.

Can we do the math here? 😛

Because we know that Jedi are forbidden to love, the thought of the old man fathering a child is well, DAMN! 

So far this theory is not proven, but if it were true? – Ooo!


Btw, this wouldn’t be the first time a Jedi broke the code and had a secret love affair.

Obviously, Anakin Skywalker is the most notorious by secretly marrying Padme Amadala and fathering Luke and Leia.

Obi Wan also had an implied love interest with Satine in the epic series The Clone Wars (highly recommended). And in that same series, Jedi padawan Ahsoka got busy with Lux. So there is precedence. But the thought of YODA being a daddy has everyone going crazy.

Another theory is that this child is Divine and born of the Force, similar to Anakin Skywalker. So far [SPOILER ALERT] The baby has already shown a decent amount of Force powers. I mean, it IS a 50-year old baby. Or, as comedian Michael Blackson would say ‘600 month-old baby’ LMAO

Because we know that the Yoda alien race can live close to 1,000 years, it’s safe to say that this 600-month old baby is similar to a 10-yr old Anakin, who started showing Force powers around that same age.


The Mandalorian was created by Jon Favreau. Yes, THAT Jon Favreau – the same guy who gave us Elf, Jungle Book, Zathura, and plays Iron Man’s Happy Hogan in the MCU universe. (he also Executive produced all those movies). His DNA is all over this series. The Mandalorian focuses on a bounty hunter but could easily been a dramedy called ‘Raising Baby Yoda’ lol.

Overall it is a great series featuring our favorite warrior-race of bounty hunters, the Mandalorians plus a slew of other Star Wars characters like the Jawas, droid bounty Hunter IG, and others. (plus Carl Weathers! 😀 )

Baby Yoda is the surprising icing on the cake. Subscribe to Disney+ NOW and also might want to buy Disney stock. The Star Wars Expanded Universe (EU) contains hundreds of great stories and fascinating characters.


Trust me when I tell you, this is ONLY the beginning! 😉


-Jay Dubb


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