BAD BOY NERD PRESENTS: ‘Dolemite is my Name’ movie review!

Ayyye It’s your boy Jay Dubb with another review!   (NSFW – before scrolling!) 


Full Disclosure – I’ma have to excuse myself as a die-hard Eddie Murphy fan for pretty much my entire LIFE. So not to sound like a complete prisoner of the moment, but fuck that – this shit was funny as HELL! Brilliant script, amazing acting all around, and the triumphant return of Eddie Fuckin’ Murphy! It deserves every award that it will be nominated for.


“Waaaay down in the jungle deep, the bad-ass Lion stepped on the signafying monkey’s feet!”

If you ain’t never heard those words you missed out on some funny azz shit. At the tender age of 12 years old, I had NO idea WTF any of that meant lol I just knew two things:

A) It was the craziest shit I ever heard, and

B) I knew damn well I had naan business in HELL listening to it lol

But none of that mattered because at that time my friends and I were struck by comedy lightning! See, My ‘hood had a cassette tape circulating around about this guy who was filthier and raunchier than Richard Pryor (was that even possible???). The man was Rudy Ray Moore. And his creation was DOLEMITE! 😀

SO word is that Eddie had been trying for like 20 YEARS to get this project done, even when Rudy was still alive. It helps to understand who Rudy Ray Moore is, to really appreciate this movie. Rudy Ray Moore represents Black culture at its rawest essence. Pure, Explicit, Uncut and unabashed BLACKNESS. WHen our best talent formed Negro leagues and worked the ‘Chitlin’ Circuit’ (aka Southern States) Back then, we didn’t need mainstream – Black ppl started our OWN SHIT when others wouldn’t give us a chance. And that is SOOO Hip-hop! (see, Master P. See, Cash Money, See, RocAFella records).

In fact, Rudy Ray Moore as Dolemite is recognized as the Godfather of rap, with his slick wordplay and outrageous metaphors and rhymes set to beats! He was a ghetto superhero of sorts – audacious, foul-mouthed, over the top pimp who drove clean cars, had sexy kung-fu bitches, and slapped cops around. I fuckin LOVE IT 🙂

So yeah, to quote the Clipse ‘Pardon me I must say, [this movie is] ‘Kinda like a big deal’! But first Can we briefly talk about the incredible career of one Edward Reagan Murphy??? I cannot imagine ANYONE else playing this role with the amount of gravitas as Murphy!

Here is a guy who started stand-up comedy at the age of 15.

By 18 he was a working regular in New York clubs (alongside another comedy legend, Jerry Seinfeld).

At 19 he was THE STAR of televisions biggest late night variety show, Saturday Night Live.

By 21 he started his movie career with a hit 48 Hours (1982), followed by an unprecedented string of blockbusters throughout the 1980s decade – INCLUDING one of the biggest grossing comedies of all time Beverly Hills Cop (1984).

Between the ages of 22 and 27, Eddie Murphy created not one, but TWO of the (still) highest grossing comedy specials of all time, Delirious & Raw.

In his 40-year career, Murphy’s movies have grossed over $7 Billion!

(Okay, I just stanned the fuck out, my bad) – but its important to know that the single biggest COMEDY ROCK STAR GOD of all time brought this character to life, and ONLY Eddie Murphy could have done this justice.

In fact, the entire cast is A+ on point!

Keegan-Michael Key is funny as the movie writer. Wesley Snipes is hilarious as the director. Craig Robinson and Mike Epps both shine as Rudy’s right hands. Titus Burgess shines in pretty much EVERY role he does (watch this brotha in Kimmy Schmidt). and newcomer Da’Vine Joy Randolph chews up every scene she’s in as. This is an acting tour-de force!

Every facet of this movie is a blast of exuberance (damn! I like that word) If you don’t walk away feeling like a Champ, something TF is wrong with YOU. Hell, I wanted to go make a movie a myself, because…if RUdy Ray Moore can do it…? Naam sayin!

Culturally, the timing is justright for a project like Dolemite. In this hyper-sensitive Era, it’s refreshing to look back at a time when sheer BALLS and creativity was all people cared about. There is no way in HELL can this type of comedy would find ground today – but we can always look back (or buy the albums on Ebay) and transport back to a time when people truly gave ZERO fucks. Matter fact, the less fucks given, the better 🙂

Rudy Ray Moore IS the American Dream. Taking nothing more than a wild idea and turning it into gold.  It’s a bonus to bring your friends along for the ride. “Started from the bottom now we’re here!” (Drizzy)

‘Dolemite Is my Name’ is THE movie event of 2019 and it should SWEEP every award it’s nominated for, performance, technical and otherwise. The design is impeccable. The soundtrack is slamming. It’s Brilliant! ‘It’s lovely and i love it!’





here are my predictions for nominations and wins as of 11/07/2019

Best costume design: Ruth Carter (winner)

Best Actor: Eddie Murphy (winner, and well deserved)

Best Supporting Actor: Wesley Snipes (winner)

Best Supporting Actress: Da’Vine Joy Randolph

Best Director: Craig Brewer

Best Music: Scott Bomar

Best Adapted Screenplay: Larry KaraszewskiScott Alexander (winner)


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