Talking Bad! S1E8.5 Special Edition – House of X Breakdown! (w/ Special Guest Big Tony)

Jonathan Hickman’s ‘House of X/ Powers of X’ is something EVERYONE (and I do mean everyone) should be reading!

I been reading the X-Men comic books for decades and I gotta say….House of X/Powers of X is one of the dopest story lines EVER! Writer Jonathan Hickman totally flipped the game from the past 56-yearsand takes it in a BOLD, NEW DIRECTION! :O 😀
I brought in fellow comic book expert Big Tony to breakdown the X-Men history and why Hickman’s dramatic story is so insanely dope! Also We talk about the cultural significance of the X-Men – How Stan Lee fought for Civil Rights (and Mutant rights) Annnd, we talk about WHO is the most POWERFUL Mutant in Marvel Comics!

Even if you aren’t a comic book fan THIS episode is one to check out!

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