Bad Boy Nerd Comic Book Pull List 9/25 – Action Comics #1015 – Harleen #1 -House of X #5 – Batman/Superman #2!

Jay Dubb here with this week’s BAD BOY NERD comic book pull list! I officially have a monthly comic book BUDGET! Just when I think I’ve read enough, the industry keeps cranking out MORE hotness! Here are the few picks my wallet could manage…


Action Comics #1015 marks Naomi’s first major DCU appearance!

…And yet somehow Batman manages to steal the show! lol. But Of course he does…he’s BATMAN.

I’ve raved about the young breakout star Naomi Here and Here…and damn, I guess HERE TOO. Babygirl has officially joined the ranks of the DCU and she is the main feature of this issue…

But What really stands out is BATMAN. Apparently – and much to Superman’s shock – Batman can read and speak Kryptonian (since when??)… The look on Supes face? PRICELESS.

And If that ain’t enough flex, Batman is also a superhero dietician! Random AF moment, he instructs Naomi to ‘eat more protein’, which made me LOL. Because that’s just some real Batman shit right there. He didn’t ask – he didn’t suggest – he simply said ‘eat eggs, your powers will need the protein’. 😐  RIGHT.


SO here’s what we know: Shazam can totally whoop Superman’s ASS! Only because Big Blue simply cannot beat up a kid. Meanwhile, Batman has ZERO FUCKS about putting hands (or a batjet) on him.

In other news… The Batman Who Laughs is the dopest new super-villain since the Court of Owls. He is causing all kinds of ruckus for OUR Bruce Wayne. Using Nth Metal and infecting our world, this story is playing out like some Invader of Body Snatchers shit!

The BIGGEST twist comes at the end of this book. Batman is the guy who plans for EVERY contingency – except an evil version of himself! It’s fun watching Bruce Wayne go against Bruce Wayne 🙂


Start buying X-Men comics books RIGHT NOW. What writer Jonathan Hickman is doing is revolutionary! I can’t stress that enough. The new titles launch in November!


HARLEEN #1 (DC Comics Black Label)

I am really enjoying DC Comics’ Black Label.

Black Label sounds like a whiskey. Black Label is for grown folk. Black Label is like the SUV of comic books; larger than normal but not quite a full- sized graphic novel. These magazine formats pack more art and more room for story. They also pack a $8 price tag, twice the amount of regular books. Is it worth it? Fuck yeh it is, especially this incredible Harley Quinn origin story. The artwork is beautiful and story is a damn good read! Stjepan Šejić (however the hell you say his name) nails it! I would love to see this story adapted into a DCU movie.


These books and more can be found on my online shops (yes SHOPS, plural) Ebay store LINK HERE. And the website store here. 😉

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