Bad Boy Nerd Movie Review: IT, Chapter 2! Pennywise the Clown returns to terrify Derry (and moviegoers)!

Jay Dubb here, with another Bad Boy Nerd movie review! So I hesitated to check out ‘IT: Chapter 2′ because of the 3-hr movie time – but I went anyway. Is this movie worth sitting there for 3 friggin hours?? Read below and find out lol!


First of all, critics got it wrong; IT: Chapter 2 is Wildly entertaining on every level!  Pennywise the child-snatching demon clown is freakishly terrifying! The adult version of the Losers’ Club is just as fun and endearing as their younger counterparts. Enough jumps, scares, freak outs, and heartfelt nostalgia to fill the 3hr time slot without ever feeling too long. The IT saga is the highest grossing horror movie (and R-rated movie) of all time for good reason! 😉



Anyone old enough to remember when the original ‘It’ ran on NETWORK TELEVISION as a 2-night miniseries?? :O

I know, hard to believe that now, but 30 years ago Tim Curry was burned into our minds as Pennywise.

Forget all thatTHIS is the Pennywise you will remember forever! Bill Skarsgard’s Pennywise is freakishly terrifying! A modern day skew-eyed, drooling demonic Bogeyman. A Lovecraftian horror that can manifest into any shape or form and become your worst nightmare! There are some legit moments in this movie that will have you like, ‘What in the entire F&%K?!’

Pennywise is back! 27 years has passed since the Losers Club ( supposedly) defeated the evil clown. Now they all grown up and living normal lives when….they get the dreaded call. Trouble stirs up in Derry. Children are disappearing. The demon clown returns, luring and munching on innocent kiddies.

Now as adults the Losers have to keep their promise, their OATH, to return home and end this reign of terror once and for all!

For people complaining about how close to the book is the movie? SERIOUSLY – what movie has EVER stayed exactly word for word as a book? (answer: never) I mean, really… the story is a whopping 5hr 45 minute total (both movies combined)! – this is about as GOOD as a movie can get to the original! Otherwise, we’d be in the theater all friggin day lol

Stephen King’s epic novel is a 1,138pg BEAST, regarded by many among his top works (along with equally enormous, The Stand). I thought the movie did as great a job as possible adapting this to the screen. I’m not one to compare movies to books. It’s impossible to do so. The details would slow movies down to a craaaawwwl…


That being said, this movie zips along so quickly I found myself wanting to see MORE! The cast is pitch-perfect. People rave about Bill Hader as Richie, and rightfully so. Young Richie (Finn Wolfhard from Stranger Things) was the standout performer from Part 1. Hader as older Richie takes it to the next level. Overall, everyone plays their adult personas exactly right. The movie does a great job with flashbacks between the kid Losers and grown Losers. Very nice touch. Very heartfelt. Even a few Tearful moments (for all you Softies out there lol) 😛

The heart of the movie is still centered around Billy (James McElvoy as the adult), who lost his brother Georgie in the first part of the story – which brings the Losers together to fight Pennywise. Everything comes around full circle, completing the narrative. Chapter 2 also reveals an origin story and the ending has an AMAZING final fight scene! 😀 😀 😀


I can find NO FAULT with this movie! Absolutely entertaining on every level. Yes it is 3hours long but trust me, it doesn’t feel like it! This movie moves at a fast pace and doesn’t let up to the very end. Every scene serves a purpose. The narrative is straightforward, the flashbacks are easy to follow, the origin story makes sense, the cast is AWESOME, and the creature effects are some of the best in the business!

In terms of How Scary is it? Definitely not for the squeamish lol… IT works on different levels – dealing with coming of age, bullying, deals with death, grief, survivor guilt, and of course Evil Clowns. If you have a Clown phobia this movie is probably not for you LMAO 😀

The movie is incredibly well done and easy to appreciate as both horror AND really good story!

I rank the It Saga up there with The Conjuring, Last Train to Busan, and Poltergeist as my favorite all time horror movies. I plan on going to see it AGAIN in theaters and I will be owning both of them on Blu-Ray 🙂



(out of 5 red balloons!)



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