PULL LIST 09/2019 – Batman! X-Men! Savage Avengers! Reaver!

Ayyyy your boy Jay Dubb here with more Bad Boy Nerd comic book reviews! Lot of hot shit been dropping lately and I can’t keep up wit’ all of them! Here are some of my faves from the past month…

BATMAN: ‘City of Bane’ issues #75, 76, 77

In a nutshell…

  • Bane is GOD.
  • Villains run Gotham.
  • Bruce is in exile.
  • Thomas Wayne and Gotham Girl are the new Intercontinental tag-team champs lol

Gotham Girl is an interesting character. She has a strange origin story. She is SUPER-powerful (like, Superman powerful). She’s a nerdy chick who talks shit WHILE kicking your ass. However.com -like Spawn, using her powers drain her life span. Issue #77 was a Big F&%king Deal because APPARENTLY Bane killed Alfred (we shall see). Shit is crazy. For some reason I feel like The Batman Who Laughs is behind all of this….


Speaking of the Batman Who Laughs….


Evil Bruce Wayne has jacked up the DC Multiverse, killing nearly every other Batman throughout alternate realities! Our Batman is one of few left to stop him. Bats and Supes have teamed up to solve this grand mystery  to see who all is INFECTED. But…can’t trust a Mothaf%cka! BAtman Who Laughs is one of the BEST new characters introduced in years!



House of X/ Powers of X


I haven’t rocked with X-Men books in a Hot Minute but writer Jonathan Hickman is about to change all that! Hickman’s X-Men relaunch is so damn DOPE and so f%ckin’ cold-blooded I haven’t felt this excited since….damn, Jim Lee’s legendary 1991 re-launch. Yes it’s THAT GOOD. (Also, I am THAT old lol). Look for all the X-Men books to relaunch this Fall!


The Dark Age (Red 5 Comics)

Cool twist on post-apocalyptic stories! Basically, All the metal in the world is suddenly reduced to dust! Things like machines, electricity, and guns become extinct. People are forced to live life very basic. This story follows a family (Dad, son, daughter) as they try to survive in this new of glass, wood, and plastic! Of course, humans doing what humans do, the world reverts back to feudalism.


Savage Avengers #5

This highly addictive series is like Marvel’s version of ‘The Expendables’ (but wayyyy better)

Wolverine – Conan the Barbarian – The Punisher – Venom – Elektra – Brother Voodoo together probably have the HIGHEST body count of all Marvel characters COMBINED LOL!  This premiere story concludes with our team fighting a world-ending demon and taking on powerful sorcerer Kulan Gath! The best part of this series is Conan joining the Marvel continuity and being totally confused af by everything he enounters,smh….

Bloody, savage, and action-packed with oddly funny dialogue from a team of our favorite killers!

Reaver #3 (Skybound/Image Comics)

Loooove this series so far! High fantasy mix of adventure, action, magic and humor! Love the writing. Love the artwork. The characters need more development so hopefully creators spend a few issues (or a special double-sized annual) telling origin stories! This WOULD be my Gem of the Month if the X-men books weren’t so badazz. I look forward to reading every issue of Reaver 🙂


As always, these and other books can be found on my Ebay shop Grand Central Comics!

I buy comic books, review them, collect them and sell them! Lots of #1s, First Appearances, Variant covers, Hard to Find, Scarce/low prints, and Key issues!

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