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Sony and Marvel Strike Deal: ‘Spider-Man’ Returns to the MCU For More Movies!

Sony’s ‘SPIDER-MAN’ Franchise Returns to Marvel Cinematic Universe! Seems like yesterday the shocking news came that Sony and Marvel couldn’t play nice anymore. Fresh off the massive success of Spider-Man: Far From Home, both studios decided to part ways, leaving fans in turmoil! Until now… Money always seems to get in the way of really good shit, especially when it

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Bad Boy Nerd Comic Book Pull List 9/25 – Action Comics #1015 – Harleen #1 -House of X #5 – Batman/Superman #2!

Jay Dubb here with this week’s BAD BOY NERD comic book pull list! I officially have a monthly comic book BUDGET! Just when I think I’ve read enough, the industry keeps cranking out MORE hotness! Here are the few picks my wallet could manage… ACTION COMICS #1015 (DC) Action Comics #1015 marks Naomi’s first major DCU appearance! …And yet somehow

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TALKING BAD PODCAST S1E8: We review “Sticks and Stones”! Also, RELIGION Vs. SCIENCE! Plus, another round of MFK :)

*WARNING* If this is your FIRST time listening it only gets worse!! 😈🎙 We review Dave Chappelle’s new comedy special “Sticks and Stones”… Plus, Cardi B! Tekashi 69! Cannon Busters! The Emmy awards! RELIGION Vs. SCIENCE! Plus, Girl Nettles finds a way to offend EVERYBODY! LOL 😂😀 Also, a rousing game of ‘MFK’! It’s called ‘Talking BAD’ for a reason

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Talking Bad! S1E7 – The Gang talks Science/Space/Time and our Favorite Sci-Fi Movies!

Journey with us as we Travel thru Space and Time – We Rank our fave Sci-Fi movies! In Surround sound stereo – because surround sound is a MUST! Are you living in the past?? Matter fact, anything less than 4K with Dolby Srrd is unacceptable! Especially when it comes to watching your favorite Sci-FI movies! Whether its a James Cameron

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