PULL LIST 07/2019 – Wolverine vs. Blade Special! Naomi #6! Reaver #1! Rick and Morty: Mr. Meseeks special! Canto #1!

Whats good peoples! Your mans Jay dubb drops his hard-earned cash on a few comic books a month so you don’t have to! Here were some of my fave reads for July!


Wolverine Vs. Blade

This SHIT right here? This shit right HERE my ninja?? This SHIT is FIRE! Two savage no-nonsense mothafuckas going at it- Claws versus sword! Half-vampire vs half-animal! But wait…ain’t these two ‘heroes’?? They supposed to be fighting against a vampire clan. Too bad they got in each other’s way! I see an animated feature in the near future…(praying hands)


Naomi #6

Season 1 conclusion! Ya’ll alreddy KNOW how I feel about babygirl Naomi. (If not, read here and here homie!) Possibly the BIGGEST rookie launch in recent years and worth the hype! Try to cop a #1 issue NOW for around $50. It will only go higher over the years. TRUST ME on that.


Rick and Morty: Mr. Meeseeks

Hey I’m a R&M fan so I couldn’t resist! IF you ain’t heard by now, Rick & Morty is one of the funniest, craziest, smartest cartoons in history! Mr. Meseeks is one of its standout characters. The blue fix-it genie struggles with mortality trying to solve complex problems so he can DIE. Hopefully they adapt this story into an episode.


Second Coming #1

So controversial it was DROPPED from its original label! Shout-out to Ahoy Comics (who??) for picking it up. The story of God sending Jesus to Earth to live with a superhero and learn HOW to be a savior! Yes, it really goes there. Blasphemous and laugh-out-loud funny. Great artwork and surprisingly…the writer actually knows his Bible 😉 I was impressed.



Reaver #1

Maaan look, this joint is DOPE AF. I predict this as the latest Breakout series from Image comics. low-key Game of Throne-y type ish – with dark humor, great characterization, and lots of grimy action and sharp dialogue. Fun to look at and hella fun to read! Hop on the bandwagon NOW.



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