Monthly Archives: July 2019

Talking Bad! S1E6 – “BLERRRRDS!” The Life of a Black Nerd (Ft. Girl Nettles)

Nerd is the new ‘Black’. But before then, being Black and nerdy was tough! Jay Dubb and Girl Nettles talk about growing up as a double minority leading a double life – from being the talented Black kid in a mostly white environment to being a Nerd in the Hood! Life was hard, son! GIRL NETTLES Tweets by girlnettles

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PULL LIST 07/2019 – Wolverine vs. Blade Special! Naomi #6! Reaver #1! Rick and Morty: Mr. Meseeks special! Canto #1!

Whats good peoples! Your mans Jay dubb drops his hard-earned cash on a few comic books a month so you don’t have to! Here were some of my fave reads for July!   Wolverine Vs. Blade This SHIT right here? This shit right HERE my ninja?? This SHIT is FIRE! Two savage no-nonsense mothafuckas going at it- Claws versus sword!

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