‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Movie Review! – Marvel Phase 4 swings into theaters!

Jay Dubb here with another movie review! So I took my kids to see Spider-Man: Far From Home during the 4th of July holiday! I was VERY impressed! As always, a quick 30-second review is followed by a full review. If you haven’t seen the new Spider-Man series, find out below why I think you should!


Far From Home is Fast, funny, action-packed, and wildly entertaining. A perfect balance of teen dramedy + Marvel extravaganza. It picks up right after Endgame and keeps the same energy as Homecoming. The story is easy to follow and the special FX is off the chain! THIS is what a Spider-Man movie should be! It might be the BEST of all Spider-Man movies (yes, even better than Spider-Man 2)!


Marvel Movies Phase 4 officially begins Here! I’m happy to say that the Marvel Cinema Universe (MCU) is in good hands!

Real talk, this movie was better than I expected. MUCH BETTER. I only went to take my kids but damn if ain’t going to see it again!

This is Sony’s 3rd attempt at Spider-Man (can we just forget about Andrew Garfield’s version, plz??) and this time they got it RIGHT. Ever since joining the Marvel Universe (dope azz Civil War cameo), Tom Holland’s Peter Parker became my favorite version. Much respeck to Toby Maguire tho – the original Spiderman is still a classic! – but this is the Marvel Cinematic Universe version we gon be watching for the next 10 years!

The fast and loose style of Spider-Man: Homecoming continues in Far From Home, but with a twist; Now our characters are dealing with Avengers: Endgame aftermath. See…half the students were erased by Thanos – including Peter and his friends – and came back to life after being gone for 5 years. That means the OTHER half that stayed are now 5 YEARS OLDER. The film deals directly with this in a funny way only teenagers could describe (“its called ‘The Blip’!).


Everything is here. Spider-Man is now dealing with the death of Tony Stark/Iron Man while also planning a class trip to Europe. Our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man just wants to hang out with his friends. Meanwhile, Nick Fury recruits Peter to do some super heroics overseas! Some major bad guys are tearing Europe apart and a mysterious (Jake Gylenhaal as Mysterio) new superhero shows up to help out! Thats when the fun REALLY BEGINS 😉

Besides having badazz new technology and suits (Iron Spider, Stealth Spider), this movie has great surprises and visuals that takes it to the next level! Far From Home has that same energetic vibe that made Shazam! such a hit movie. When you give a kid extraordinary powers don’t expect them to suddenly grow up. In fact, expect the opposite. Kids gonna be kids – even as inter-dimensional beasts destroy shit! And, never mind that Nick Fury needs his help. The head of planetary security force SHIELD can catch a ghost fade just like everyone else! LMAO  


Overall, this movie is just a few steps away from perfection. I WANT to give this a perfect score but the NERD in me has issue with character ‘reassignments’. I don’t mind ethnic Mary Jane one bit! Zendaya’s weirdo MJ is faaar more doper than every previous version of Mary Jane. In fact, she damn near steals the movie with every scene and dry one-liner…

But… making Ned Leeds into Peter’s Trusty Sidekick?? Idontknowman… :/ and turning Flash Thompson into an ‘alpha-nerd’ doesn’t work for me. As far as comic book stories go, Ned Leeds has an entire HISTORY and eventually becomes the super-villain Hobgoblin – one of Spidey’s biggest foes. I’m guessing now we will never get a Hobgoblin in the movies?

And as for Flash, I mean… Peter doesn’t have much of an antagonist anymore. I miss the jock who bullied Peter, but now we the Indian uber-nerd version who basically out-moneys and hates on Peter? That is a really hard sell. While I definitely embrace diversity in comic books AND movies, Sometimes inclusion goes a bit far. Why change decades worth of continuity? Why not just CREATE NEW characters? Thasalllimsayin

Other than those tiny details which probably don’t mean shit to most people lol, Far From Home is spectacular! I highly recommend seeing it in theaters. It IS better than you think.

I’m going to see again. 😉



(out of 5 Mysterios!)



Best Line of the Movie: “Bitch please! You been to space!” LMAO

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