BRIGHTBURN Movie Review! James Gunn’s superhero horror movie!

Jay Dubb here with another movie review! This week I checked out James Gunn superhero horror movies ‘BRIGHTBURN’! As always, a quick 30-second review is followed by a full review. Is Brightburn as scary as the trailers suggest?? Find out below!


Brightburn is basically the story of Superman if he became Evil! Instead of Clark Kent we have Brandon Breyer, the super-powered kid who realizes he can do anything he wants and NOTHING can stop him. Watching this movie makes you appreciate Superman as the nerdy, Do-Gooder Boy Scout that he is! It’s a cool What If…? scenario, and when you dig deeper into it – very disturbing! :/

Brightburn is a comic book origin story that suffers from ‘the best parts are in the trailer’-syndrome.

The premise alone is disturbing; the classic story of a Kansas farmer and his wife finding an alien baby and raising it as a human. baby gets older and realizes he is an unstoppable alien. Basically, what would a normal kid actually DO when they discover they have superpowers? (Which was executed much better in the movie Chronicle, which featured a young Michael B. Jordan). That doesn’t sound too bad, until you realize just how POWERFUL Superman is…shit can get messy for us Earthlings. :/

The bad-azz in question is Brandon Breyer who gives new meaning to teen angst. He finds out during his teenage years that he has super powers -six that we know of (super strength, super hearing, Super speed, flight, heat vision, electrical disturbance) and will probably develop more as he gets older. If you think YOUR teen gives you shit? – at least your teen won’t rip you apart with their bare hands lol!

It gets darker once he discovers he is an alien and looks at human (re: all of us) more like pets than people. His newfound discovery includes a total disregard for human life. kinda the same way we look at animals, or bugs. This doubly sucks as a parent’s worse nightmare! Because if super-kid acts a fool (and he does) its not like you can whoop his ass!

A belt won’t work.

Switches won’t work.

can’t slap him. Can’t backhand him.

Hell, you can’t even shoot him!

At some point in the movie you wanna punch this fool in the face for being a general dick…but then he’ll melt you with his EYEBALLS. So there’s that.

Scary Children horror movies are some of the best shit and Brightburn missed an opportunity to be a classic. Brightburn has one or two terrifying moments but they are too brief and too few in between. At some point we realize that Brandon IS familiar with comic books and heroes/villains. Once he realizes he can’t be stopped, he chooses villain, puts on a cape, and starts rocking the SICKEST look mask since the Gimp in Pulp Fiction! 😛


This fool looks absolutely creepy in his mask lol

I would have LOVED to see the many cool ways a super-powered person can kill people. We get a few, but right when the movie starts to get REALLY GOOD….it ends. I feel like this was something James Gunn threw together to pass time while in Disney exile. Great idea, Meh execution.

The end gives us a sort of M. Night feel, as if this is part of a larger universe, maybe.

Overall, Brightburn doesn’t feel BIG enough for a theatrical release. The potential was there but too many great ideas were left out.

Looks more like a Netflix release. It’s a decent way to spend 90 min watching it streaming.


(out of 5 creepy masks)



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