John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum Movie Review! Chaos and Violence Never Looked So Good!

Jay Dubb here with another exciting movie review! This week I checked out one of the best action series ever – John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum! As always, a quick 30-second review is followed by a full review. How does John Wick 3 stack up against other the first two? Find out below!



Chapter 3 picks up right where Chapter 2 stops and wastes ZERO time getting into the action! John Wick has been kicked out of the assassin’s guild with a $14M bounty on his head! Now every assassin in the world is out to get him. But John Wick isn’t called ‘Baba Yaga’ (The Bogeyman) for nothing! Hundreds of killers versus the Best to ever do it? Sounds like even odds. Expect to see people die in ways you never thought possible 😀



For those of you who been sleeping on this amazing franchise, Keanu Reeves plays the title character John Wick – World’s deadliest Hit Man trying to retire and live a normal life. But he’s forced out of retirement when a Russian mobster steals his car and kills his dog. TERRIBLE MISTAKE. Chaos ensues and many people die lol.

When I reviewed the first two Wick movies I coined the phrase ‘Gun-Fu’, because of the insane fighting style of MMA mixed into gun fights. It was the dopest shit I ever seen in my life.

until now!

Keanu Reeves returns in his now trademark black suit, killing people in ways you can’t even imagine. The movie starts immediately where part 2 ends, with Wick being excommunicated from the secret Assassin’s Guild. He is given a 1-hour grace period to run for safety. The movie opens up with that hour running out…

That’s when the fun begins 🙂

The same guy who killed a roomful of baddies with a pencil (“a pencil… a fuckin’ pencil! ) ups the ante by 100. In fact, one fight scene in particular doesn’t even seem POSSIBLE! (trust me, you’ll know it when you see it).

What makes Chapter 3 stand out from the first two movies? Part 3 takes us DEEPER into the world of assassins. This world has its own look, it’s own feel, it’s own rules…hell, it even has its own currency!

In John Wick’s world, there are Rules – and NO ONE is above the Rules. Not even the legendary John Wick himself. We learn more about the assassin hierarchy. It also reveals a SURPRISE about John Wick’s past – something that never crossed my mind, but it makes all the sense in the world!

Joining the fun this time around is Halle Berry, who looks absolutely sensational as the leader of her own hit-man clan! She has some of the best scenes in the movie – Halle and her ridiculously awesome attack dogs!

This may be blasphemous to some but fuck it I’ll say it….

John Wick is probably the best action movie since the original Die Hard (1988)- and that is saying A LOT. :O

The Wick series has elevated fighting to the highest level of choreography not usually seen in American movies! It is a symphony of violence. It shouldn’t look THIS COOL killing people – but that is exactly what Keanu does!

I STILL say that the first Die Hard is the greatest action movie of all time (I watch it at least once a month) and the standard for which all action movies are measured. But John Wick as a series is much better. It is an entire universe of colorful characters and insane fight sequences.

my ONLY backlash is hoping this franchise doesn’t devolve into a live-action cartoon like the Fast and Furious series. You can drop a building on Dominic Torreto and he just gets up and shakes it off, smdh… :/

I mean, sure John Wick is tough, and unstoppable with a gun…. but he’s STILL human. He’s not Wolverine with metal bones. There are only so many cuts and bullet wounds a man can take until his body turns into ground beef lol there ARE few moments in the movie where you’re like ‘Seriously, guy?‘ lol

Overall, the entire John Wick series is one of THE best action movies you’ll see. Watching Keanu Reeves as the world’s greatest hitman is simply mind-blowing.  There’s nothing else that looks QUITE LIKE this. Chapter 4 is already in the works 😀

And to think that all of this chaos started by stealing a man’s car and killing his dog. lol

Speaking of dogs…again, Halle Berry and her dogs. Wow. :O



(4.5 out of 5 Wick icons!)

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