Top Comic Books BEGGING to be TV shows, Vol 2! The Casting Couch is back!

10 years ago the Bad Boy Nerds dropped one of the dopest blogs in bloggerdom history – Top comic books BEGGING to be made into TV shows!

-Out of the 10 books we picked, EIGHT of them joints were adapted and one is stuck in development hell (The Boys is FINALLY dropping on Amazon Prime summer 2019!).

And now Bad Boy Nerd is back with VOL II! 😀

It took Hollywood awhile to catch up to the nerd genius. Right at the beginning of the streaming revolution, the Guys were telling Execs what to adapt and why they should. And with this Vol 2 edition, again I ask, “What the hell are you waiting for? Make these happen!”



Off the rip…this is coming from way left field and you have NO IDEA WTF this even is. But prior to 2014 you had NO idea wtf a Rocket Racoon or a Groot was either, lmaooo… so stay with me here!

Challengers of the Unknown is a D-Level comic book from DC Comics (no different than Guardians was for Marvel – but ‘look at me now’). For Challengers, think X-Files + A-Team + Agents of SHIELD! The Challengers are a group of freelance adventurers who investigate strange and paranormal events around the world. Each member has a special ability or skillset that works in unison with the other.

They rarely, if ever, crossover into the DCU mainstream…But like the massive success of Marvel Knights on Netflix (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Punisher) – the Challengers will definitely hold their own on streaming!


Neil Gaiman’s SANDMAN

This is a no-brainer and a travesty to the world of fantasy that it hasn’t been adapted! With the overwhelming success of WB’s Supernatural (15 fuckin seasons?!) and the 100 other supernatural mystery ghost type stories, you’d THINK this would be fast-tracked.

Sandman is for the grown and sexy of the strange and macabre. This is the Thinking Weirdo’s fantasy read. I would love to see Dream/Sandman in today’s uber-sensitive, pill-popping world. He and the other abstracts (Death, Depression, Destiny, etc) would have a field’s day!

I mentioned before that Vertigo comics in particular are the streaming media of comic books. Since then, Preacher became a hit on AMC and Swamp Thing is about to debut on DCU. Sandman is no different! This is a strong cult following just waiting to happen.


Literally ANYTHING Steampunk


Whether Cliffhanger’s Steampunk (Chris Bacholo, Joe Kelly) or the gorgeously addictive Lady Mechanika (Joe Benitez), or Amazing Screw-On Head (Mike Mignola)…it’s BAFFLING to me why more steampunk adaptations aren’t made, considering the rabid fan base. The most recent example I’ve seen was Penny Dreadful, which was highly entertaining and has a great cast – including my crush, Eva Green

Whichever streaming or studio Exec decides to greenlight a new steampunk project will have total ownage of dedicated fans!



Speaking of steampunk, this is One of my all-time fave comic books and the movie was equally entertaining. The original story and movie featured classic literature’s famous outcasts (Jeckyll & Hyde, Invisible Man, etc) working together to solve crimes is dirty fun…and there is So much here left unexplored! We will miss Sean Connery as Alan Quartermain, But any capable actors can play these rogue characters. Based off the strength of Penny Dreadful, I can see this working as a Netflix Original Series. Well-deserving of a few seasons!


Image Comics’ SAGA

Saga is that comic book that you hand to people who don’t read comic books (“I know you don’t read comic books. I know this…But read THIS!”).

It is the biggest non-superhero book in recent memory – dare I say since The Walking Dead  – and is dripping wet with excitement of a TV series!

‘Saga’ is the correct title. THIS STORY HAS EVERYTHING! The husband/ wife team of Alana and Marko on the run from opposite alien factions is crazy addictive! A perfect mashup of the two most epic Fantasy/Sci-Fi sagas ever (Star Wars, Game of Thrones)! This should be green lit not just NOW, but RIGHTDaFuckNOW. Saga is the best shit you mainstream non-comic book-reading-azz muggles don’t know about but SHOULD. It’s a better read than pretty much all the YA bullshit on best sellers lists.

I would watch TF outta this show!


Robert Kirkman’s THIEF OF THIEVES

Starring John Hamm as the title character Redmon. Nuff’ said!

But if I must.

Kirkman is the creator of the cultural zeitgeist The Walking Dead – both the comic book and TV show are mega-hits. He also does a pretty righteous supes book called Invincible. But this book is practically made for small screens. Redmon is a world-class thief looking to retire – but first, he’s gonna steal from other thieves to atone for his past crimes. With the right actor in place (again, Hamm is perfect) this would play well on every platform. It’s a matter of which service or network wants to snatch it up and pay for the rights! I heard that AMC is dev, but we shall see….


I’m just rehashing shit I said 10 years ago…because, where’s the lie??

Groo is comedy/action/adventure gold waiting to happen! Groo is a spoof of sword-n-sandals fantasy stories (that are NOW so popular). The main character is a incompetent parody of Conan the barbarian. Plenty of over-the-top action and tongue in cheek humor – Groo is the Monty Python of comic books.

Think Conan the Barbarian + Princess Bride lol

The brilliance of Groo is not the character or the premise itself, but the WEALTH of guest stars who could populate his journeys! This would work on multiple formats, and could win as live action OR animated.


DC Comics’ NAOMI

She justdebutedlikeyesterday – and already THE biggest selling comic book in the entire industry. Every issue is selling out and the first issue already sells for $100 on Ebay. Crazy, and for good reason.

Naomi is one of the first female African-American teen superheroes and her story is EXTRAORDINARY! Led by the super-duo of Brian Michael Bendis and new artist sensation Jamal Campbell – (Black man by birth, a badazz artist by trade) – this book is currently my favorite read!

It’s Waaay too early, but Naomi will eventually be a hit show. The ink is barely dried on the first printings (and 2nd prints, third, fourth, etc…) but this character shows the most promise that I’ve seen in a long time. I’m calling it now; Naomi will be a fan fave!


As I stated before; I got this comic book/ Hollywood thing figured out. My job is to convince studio execs of how good these ideas are. But rest assured I will GLADLY take an EP credit for helping dev these projects for the smaller screen! Holla atcha boy!

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