TALKING BAD! S1E3 – Game of Thrones 85 breakdown ‘The Bells’! Daenarys, the Queen of Ashes!


Daenarys went ‘mad Targaryen’ and burned King’s Landing to to the ground! No one saw this backyard BBQ bonanza coming – especially Jon Snow! Shit looked like Pompeii after Mount Vesuvius! Will Dany reign on the Iron Throne as the Queen of Ashes, or is there still one last surprise left??

  • Will Tyrion and Jon Snow remain loyal in this new regime of fire?
  • Where does Game of Thrones rank among all TV shows of all time??
  • Is Arya Stark Death riding on a Pale Horse?

Jay Dubb and Girl Nettles are your hosts breaking all this shit down! Love it or hate it, Talking Bad Season 1, Episode 3 begins now!


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