SPOTLIGHT: DC Comics ‘Naomi’ – Brian Michael Bendis’ new African-American superhero sensation!



1st Appearance, DC Comics Naomi #1 (2018)

By now we all know that after 20 years at Marvel, Brian Michael Bendis (creator of Marvel Ultimate Universe and too much dope shit to list) switched teams and joined DC Comics under an exclusive contract! his first move: releasing a new imprint Wonder Comics! One of those characters is a young African-American girl with a mysterious past!

After her small Oregon town survives the fallout of a battle between Superman and Mongul, young teenager Naomi investigates the last time super-powers visited her town. Soon after, a mystery unfolds and Naomi realizes people in her small town know MORE than they are letting on! Naomi promises to be a MAJOR addition to the DC Universe!

I was very impressed with the story (duh, Bendis) and especially with impressive artwork by new sensation Jamal Campbell! BMB is the Aaron Sorkin of the comic book industry. He is a master storyteller, with dialogue that is fast and fluid…full of asides, non-sequitars, and wit. Bendis’ scripts jump off the page, complementing Campbell’s exciting artwork!

The hype surrounding this book has sent the first few issues SKYROCKETING in price! 1st printings of issue #1 sell for $75 and higher on Ebay. #1 -4 currently sells for upwards of $200! Keep in mind, this book just debuted DECEMBER 2018! Is it worth the hype? I say YES.

Naomi is a nimble page-turner that is building up to something HUGE. Issue #4 finally reveals more of Her background and it looks like #5 will be a breakout issue! I’m looking forward to Naomi kicking ass in the extended DCU soon enough and it all starts Here.


(Naomi is currently available in the website store!)

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