PULL LIST: Savage Avengers #1, DCeased #1, Star Wars Age of Rebellion BOBA FETT #1, Excellence #1!

Some of the books I picked up recently!


Just listen to this line-up! Wolverine – The Punisher – Conan the friggin Barbarian – Venom – Elektra – and Brother Voodoo! The issue kicks off with a bloody, bone-crunching battle between Wolverine Vs. Conan! That alone is worth the read plus this great line from Conan after shoving a sword thru Wolvie’s dome AND heart! – “I have never met a man as deathless as you”. Classic.


“Black excellence, opulence, decadence…” – Jay-Z.

Spencer Raymond Dale was born into a powerful family of magicians, tasked with watching over humanity.  Unfortunately, his abilities manifested much slower than his peers. Does he have what it takes to pass his first trials? Everything rides on this – including his family name! This book has me excited. the artwork and dialogue is DOPE AF! I hope it keeps going. I would LOVE this adapted into a TV series! More in that later in ‘Casting Couch’ 😉


I couldn’t resist this one-shot showing why Boba Fett is the most FEARED bounty hunter in the galaxy! Silent, resilient, and damn near unstoppable! Fett always gets his man! – still pissed at how they did him in Episode Vi! :/


It’s Justice League Vs. Zombies! A full-scale zombie outbreak takes over the entire DC Universe, including some of our heroes! We all know that Bruce Wayne as the Batman plans for literally EVERYTHING – but can even He handle 600 Million infected??

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