Netflix Review: Black Summer – Who can you trust during a zombie apocalypse?!

People are assholes.

ESPECIALLY during a zombie apocalypse! Keep that in mind when all Hell breaks loose and you just might survive!

Choose your survival crew wisely.

Don’t fall for the Okie-Doke.

Better yet, don’t trust a motherf*cker!

I’ve seen people act an ENTIRE fool over way smaller shit like…a sale on flat screen TV’s at WalMart (blegh). Summer 2017 here in Austin, TX we had a shortage on fuel (Houston refineries hit by Hurricane Harvey). Instead of conserving gasoline, people DRAINED THE TANKS and went around stealing gas!

So yeah, multiply that by 1,000 and you have Black Summer.

Black Summer takes place during the early outbreak days of SyFy’s zombie series ‘Z Nation’The show is broken up into short segments, following random survivors banding together trying to find their way to safety while NOT getting Fucked over by other people.

And really, isn’t that the best part of zombie series? Watching diverse people interact during these situations? – People who would otherwise have NOTHING to do with each other? You quickly find out who is useful, who is useless, and who are absolute pieces of shit.

The series main star is Jaime King, who I ain’t even RECOGNIZE her as a mom looking for her daughter during the madness. the last time I saw Jaime King’s fyne ass was as Goldie in Frank Miller’s Sin City (2005) – and that was 14 years ago (she looks much older here).

As for the infected, these goons fall somewhere between The Walking Dead and 28 Days later.

Like TWD, a virus infects people when they die, but the infection happens IMMEDIATELY. But unlike TWD, these goons don’t lumber around aimlessly, but rather RUN/SPRINT/ or JOG (yes, jogging zombies…funniest shit you’ll ever see!) 28 Days Later-style, looking for their next victim!

Bad shit happens as the goverment quarantines entire neighborhoods and people prey on people. Some scenes even suggest home invasions, sex trafficking, and rape. Disgusting, yes.

Black Summer has some exciting moments and great ideas that should definitely be fleshed out later (the school scene is pretty wicked!) it’s strongest points involve the dark side of people during the worse possible time. It’s not the claustrophobic horror masterpiece Train to Busan, or the British zombie series Dead Set (2008)  – It’s a good watch on its own merit.

High tension horror with strong acting. The creature affects are good enough quality. The best parts are watching humans be complete dirtbags to each other when they SHOULD be working together to survive.

Then again, we’ve seen how ONE politician can divide a country, so…. a zombie horde feels about right. (shrugs)


Jay Dubb


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