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Talking Bad Podcast S1E4 – This is it folks! Game of Thrones ‘The Iron Throne’! The Queen is dead, long live the King Brandon (bleggh!)

Season 1, Episode 4: We are sad to announce the END of Game of Thrones and even worse, the total crap-fest that was Season 8 of our beloved show! Daenarys was unceremoniously MURDERED in cold blood by her nephew/lover/cuckold Jon … Continue reading

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John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum Movie Review! Chaos and Violence Never Looked So Good!

Jay Dubb here with another exciting movie review! This week I checked out one of the best action series ever – John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum! As always, a quick 30-second review is followed by a full review. How does … Continue reading

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Top Comic Books BEGGING to be TV shows, Vol 2! The Casting Couch is back!

10 years ago the Bad Boy Nerds dropped one of the dopest blogs in bloggerdom history – Top comic books BEGGING to be made into TV shows! -Out of the 10 books we picked, EIGHT of them joints were adapted … Continue reading

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