‘Us’ (2019) movie review! Jordan Peele latest shows the darker side of ourselves! [100% Spoiler and gluten free!]

Jay Dubb here! Check out my movie review for Jordan Peele’s latest fright-fest, ‘Us’! 100% spoiler free. Enjoy!


Jordan Peele is the new Master of Macabre! ‘Us’ is a worthy followup to the classic ‘Get Out’ and let’s hope he keeps this streak going. This time around the evil is a familiar yet twisted look at humanity. Us takes cues from stranger invasion movies and even zombie flicks, yet turns it on its head in a truly demented way! More creepy than horrific, accessible even to non-horror fans. It’s a fun movie that gives a LOT to talk about (and think about) after the credits roll.


Stop for a moment and think how YOU would fight against a ‘Bizarro’ version of yourself? Some-Thing that looks like you and thinks how You think. Some-Thing that is the darkest, worst parts of You. Scary af, right?? 😱😱

That is the theme of ‘Us‘, from the mind which brought the classic ‘Get Out’!

Jordan Peele is this generation’s M. Night Shyamalan – but better perhaps. He has a knack for taking what looks normal and adding a sick twist. Where ‘Get Out’ showed the Worst Possible Scenario of class-ism, ‘Us’ cuts deeper -The Evil is the worst part of OURSELVES.

Peele currently owns the lane of macabre. When shit ain’t quite right, but you don’t run in terror. You try desperately to make sense of the situation while your brain is telling you ‘Nah, Bruh’ 😅

As far as horror movies go, Us is more bizarre than scary. You can survive the whole movie without covering your eyes or looking away. Compared to the horror GREATNESS that 2018 gave us – It, Halloween, Terrifyer (love Art the Clown!), and the outright soul-wrenching Hereditary – this is rather tame. Not a lot of blood or gore, not a lot of jump scares.  More of a disturbing freak show than anything.

The hype from trailers are probably scarier than the actual movie. For all you horror movie wusses out there (you know who you are, haha 😂) I still recommend seeing ‘Us’.

‘Us’ works effectively as a lingering DREAD that sticks in your mind. Sure it is a horror movie but You can’t take your eyes off of it. You’re trying to figure out WTF is going on as the madness unfolds. It leaves enough to our OWN imagination, which will bug the hell outta you in a good way!

Everything starts to sink in well after the credits roll. Driving home I called my friend so we could talk about it. The next morning she texts me with fresh ‘Aha!’ moments. It’s THAT kind of movie. The final product is well made, incredibly acted, and actually… thought-provoking.

Entertaining? YES.

Scary? Ehhh…maybe lol

Unsettling? You damn right it is! 👍🏽


(out of 5 bloody scissors!)


‘Us’ is written, produced, and directed by Jordan Peele. It debuted at SXSW in Austin March 8, 2019. Starring: Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Elisabeth Moss, and Tim Heidecker.

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    Great review!

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