One of MY most anticipated comic books of 2019 was apparently TOO MUCH for DC Comics/Vertigo to handle – them bastards actually cancelled it! (boooo!)


Thankfully it found a new hoe (yaaay!) 😀

Ahoy Comics (who??) announced it would publish the story about G-O-D sending Jesus Christ back to Earth to lean about being a ‘hero’…. by shacking up with an actual superhero! 😀

This book hasn’t been released yet and already been called everything from ‘BLASHEMOUS!’ to ‘INDECENT!” – which means it is actually the kind of shit I love to read 🙂

If that ruffles Christian feathers? – GOOD! Ya’ll been doing it wrong for the past 2,000 years anyway lol, (jjjjkkkk, geez) Learn to laugh willya? God DID give us humor, after all 😉




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