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– here to talk about all that cosmic shit taking place in Captain Marvel lol 😎

But first let’s do a quick movie review! Then, scroll down as I explain more about Carol Danvers the character, WHO she is, WHY is she so damn powerful, and why she is important to the Bigger Picture of the Marvel Universe!


No ‘Damsel in Distress’ BS here – Marvel’s first female-lead superhero packs a punch! She’s fierce. She’s feisty. She’s funny. And she can fight. Damn can this girl fight!

Real talk – We’ve been spoiled by a ton of characters but this focuses on a single hero. Taking place a decade before the Avengers, Earth becomes a battleground for aliens and only ONE Woman can stop them! It takes a tough character to wield all that power… Carol Danvers proves she can do it. The MCU just opened up into a larger universe of possibilities. Marvel movies Phase 4 begins here! 😀


Sooo….WHO is Carol Danvers? And why she so DAMN POWERFUL? To make it easier, let’s talk about her powers! First, I’ll break down Marvel characters based on power levels: Earth, Mutant, Magic, and Cosmic. Then you’ll see where She ranks!



Earth-based powers are either accidental (Incredible Hulk, Daredevil, Spider-Man), or they are given (Captain America, Luke Cage). Earth-based powers are strong compared to normal people but they are still based on Earth physics.


Mutant powers are humans born with their powers. Mutants powers can range from changing features (Mystique), rapid healing (Wolverine), reading minds (Charles Xavier) or teleportation (Nightcrawler) –  or they can be on a universal scale like altering reality (Scarlett Witch, Franklin Richards)


Magical powers are not Earth-based but come from another dimension. Whether beings considered to be gods (Thor, Loki), or humans harnessing magic (Dr. Strange). Magical powers are typically stronger than Earth-based.


Cosmic powers are not bound by Earth’s physics so they are extremely powerful compared to Earth characters. They can be beings millions of years old (Galactus) or based on alien physiology (Thanos, Drax). Cosmic powers can also be given to a character (Silver Surfer).

In this case, Captain Marvel is a cosmic-powered superhero! 

Her power was absorbed from alien technology – technology powered by none other than the TESSERACT!That’s right, that damn cosmic cube everybody busting nuts over since way back in The Avengers (2012)! The most fussed over cube since Rubik’s!

SO now the question…

WHO in TF are the KREE and those ugly green people the SKRULLS???

In a nutshell, the Kree and Skrulls are aliens who have been at war with each other for Eons! (an Eon is like…1,000,000 Earth years).

KREE are a powerful warrior-race with a superiority complex, ruled by green globby-thing called the Supreme Intelligence.

SKRULLS are technologically advanced shape-shifting aliens who lost their homeworld, so they travel galaxies taking over other worlds through stealth. The two are forever at odds with each other!


Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) is an Human fighter pilot who simply gets caught up in the middle of this Kree/Skrull war and accidentally absorbs cosmic powers. Since a little girl she’s been told what she can and can’t do. Don’t run too far. Don’t go too fast. Don’t try so hard…

The Kree dude (Jude Law) KNEW Carol was powerful AF and tries to subdue her (‘control your emotions’) – kinda the same way that Obi Wan tried to control Anakin Skywalker as a Jedi. In this case, Carol as Captain Marvel ain’t tryin hear that shit lol 😂 😂 😂

Without any spoilers we learn that as Captain Marvel, she may be the most powerful hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Which means she might be the universe’s best hope of STOPPING THANOS!

While not as exciting as all the Avengers movies and lacking the overall star power, still… this IS Marvel’s first female-featured superhero. More importantly, watch it as a tie-in to Avengers: EndGame!


(out of 5 logos!)


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