Netflix ‘Train to Busan’ – High Octane zombie thrill ride!

One of the greatest (and highest grossing Korean) zombie films of all time!

Not only is ‘Train to Busan’ (Busan) One of THE best Horror/Zombie movies you’ll ever see – its one of my all-time favorite movies…PERIOD!

Busan takes place on a commuter train as a zombie apocalypse rips through South Korea. The main character is Seok-Woo (Gong Yoo), a divorced dad trying to reconnect with his young daughter. They board a train from Seoul to Busan just as a highly contagious infection starts spreading. From there, shit starts to unravel and the movie wastes little time kicking into high gear!

Once the crazy starts, hang on for dear life!

The zombies effects in Busan are Absolutely TERRIFYING (i love it!) 😃

– Imagine if World War Z or 28 Days Later took place in a confined space. You have Busan 🙂 The confined space is the best part of the movie! There’s always that fear of being STUCK somewhere without means of escape –

trapped in an elevator, trapped in Space, trapped underwater, trapped on an airplane… (trapped in a closet if you’re R. Kelly, haa!) – or in this case, stuck on a speeding train full of zombies. The claustrophobia only magnifies the terror!


As the story unfolds the train cars are soon divided between the un-dead, the ‘safe’ cars, and those who may or may not be infected. Like most zombie movies, sanity eventually erodes as people choose sides and morality takes a back seat to survival. Humans vs. monsters becomes humans vs. humans as class-ism rears its ugly head.

Some people turn out to be as terrible as the zombies, others become unlikely heroes. Even the good guys here may not be as innocent. You never know what will happen during a zombie apocalypse!

Overall, this movie hits on every note. ‘Busan’ has great characterization, great story,  terrifying creature effects and plenty of blood and guts for hardcore horror fans! And best of all, a surprising amount of heart. The ending may reduce you to tears! Was it just me? Or maybe it was my allergies lol 😭😭😭


stalking zombies (our of 5!)

Director: Yeon Sang-Ho. Starring Gong Yoo, Ma Dong-Sek, Jung Yu-Mi

(Train to Busan is part of our ‘1,000 Movies to Watch Before you DIE!’ series)


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