Bad Boy Nerd Movie Review: Netflix ‘The Night Comes For Us’ – (Too much action for ONE movie!)

“so f#cking dope I caught an adrenaline high from watching it!”

There are PLENNY of action films out there…but ever so often a Real One comes along and pushes the genre forward. This is that movie.

If you’re like me, you LOVE your action with bone-crunching, blood-spurting, body maiming viscera! You like disturbing shit (I saw the Devil). You like sadistic villains (Ichi). You like your heroes to take mad Ls before eventually saving the day (Die Hard). This movie checks all of those boxes. Simply put,

The Night Comes For Us (TNCFU) is 2 hours of blissful madness!

Brought to glorious life by Indonesian brotha, Writer/Director Timo Tjahjanto (of the Mo Brothers) – who also co-directed that insane ‘V/H/S 2′ segment ‘Safe Haven’ (best of the entire series, IMO). This shit is so fucking dope I caught an ‘adrenaline high’ from watching it! There is just SO MANY LEVELS of badass-edry (new word!) that takes place… I don’t even know where to start!

And the best part? It ain’t cheesy! TNCFU actually has a great story. The plot makes sense. The violence has narrative merit. The fight scenes are fuckin’ A-mazing! 😃😃😃

Joe Taslim plays Ito, an elite Triad enforcer who defects from the life. Of course this is a bad idea. His actions set the movie in motion and shit only gets crazier by the minute! You’ll remember Taslim from Fast and Furious 6…he played Jah, the martial arts criminal who served up fresh hot L’s to both Roman and Han in the subway. A 2-on-1 fight that wan’t even close! Haha 😂 😂

“Ya’ll not burning up fast enough. Shotgun, bitch!”

Iko Uwais plays Arian, another former gang member/ ultra-badazz. He crosses paths with Ito and all hell breaks loose! Uwais should be an international star. He is this generation’s Jet Li. He got the moves, he got the looks, he got the acting chops. Any smart directors stateside should cast him ASAP.

IN the midst of all this blood and vengeance is a little girl. I’ll just leave it at that. 🤐

“you take the ones on the left. I got the right. You get the middle”

This film features Indonesian fighting style Pincak Silat – which roughly translated means ‘Hit motherfuckers with everything and everywhere!‘ I thought I seen it all. I have not. This some OTHER shit.

Maybe I’m a prisoner of the moment🤷🏽♂️ but Indonesian action thrillers deserve their own subgenre!

If that weren’t enough… Also features one of THE bestChick on Chick’ fight scenes this side of The Bride versus Go-Go Yubari. Or Crouching Tiger’s Yu Shu Lien Vs. Jen Yu!

TNCFU carries my esteemed ‘1,000 Movies to Watch Before you DIE’ rating.

I know you have your Netflix watchlist all queued up lol… but fuck that, watch TNCFU…not just now but RIGHT NOW.

As of this writing it holds an 88% on RT (which tells me that 12% of haters don’t know wtf they talking about!)

‘The Night Comes For Us’ is about that life! Are You??


(out of 5!)

Also Recommended: The Raid, The Raid 2

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