‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Drop soon – Ya’ll ready?!

After January 29, 2019 – Ya’ll can’t find me!


On some real Grown-Azz Man shit, ‘Kingdom Hearts’ is one of the greatest guilty pleasures EVER. Combining elements from SquareEnix’ Final Fantasy with an assortment of Disney characters, this colorful action/adventure RPG series is pure fun-gasm and highly addictive! 😀

Sora, Goofy, Donald and pretty much every Disney/Pixar character returns for the BIGGEST adventure to date!

I won’t go into full details here Buuut,  if you think you too ‘Grown’ for Kingdom Hearts I’m telling you – ya dead wrong!  You start to play casually and next thing you know weeks of your life gone by lol! 😛  Kingdom Hearts is THAT game.

The learning curve is easy enough – basic run, jump, grab, hack and slash, treasure hunting, weapon building, puzzle solving action/adventure + strategic leveling! All your favorite Disney characters,  brand new worlds to explore, multiple side quests, and an incredible story line that is surprisingly DEEP for a ‘kiddie game’ (“shit is deep, but I’m about to go deeper!”)

Not to mention all the cool Gummi ship missions! Some of my past faves were Tron and Pirates of the Caribbean but now the new worlds include Frozen – Tangled – Toy Story – and Monsters, Inc! 😀

Hard to believe the first KH dropped in 2002 (damn, some of you were prob in DIAPERS) and Part II since 2005 – so yeah, we’ve waited 14 years now for Kingdom Hearts 3!

Full review coming soon upon release but I’ma go ‘head and give this GRADE:

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