Cosplay Goddess Ayla Batista as Chel (Road to El Dorado)

I was Googling for Cosplay posts when I ended up on Reddit (obvi). Of course, black hole that is the internet I immediately lost the next 5 hours of my Life. 😐 But it was totally worth it when I stumbled upon this Geek Goddess Ayla Batista! ❤

the ‘Road’ is paved with very good intentions!

I remember watching ‘The Road to El Dorado‘ and thinking “is it ME, or she ridiculously HOT for a cartoon??” My pervacious thoughts are confirmed. Thank you Goddess Ayla! Because of Her, I casually added a new category called Chicks!

….Annnnd I may have Friended a few people on Reddit.

and by ‘casually’ I mean I couldn’t add her quick enough.

and by ‘friended a few’ i mean i followed a shit-ton of hotties 😛

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