Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 2 – Second time is a Charm!

An Earth child-turned adventurer, an assassin daughter of a cosmic Tyrant, a literal hulking warrior, a talking raccoon with a penchant for destruction, and a living tree. What’s NOT to love about the Guardians?! 😀


Our favorite ragtag group of misfit, the Guardians, return – zanier and louder than ever!



I said 3 years ago that this little-known group of characters would be a big hit.

I was wrong. Sorta – turned out to be a MEGA HIT!

Marvel Comics continues to win HUGE at the box office! And ‘Vol 2‘ is the Latest and Greatest 😀

What makes the GotG so awesome is this movie never takes itself seriously. It reminds me of all the GREAT 1980s offbeat movies that we love so much. Movies that were awesome just because. Movies like The Goonies.

Big trouble in Little China.

Ice Pirates.

Buckaroo Banzai.

Remo WIlliams: The Adventure Begins (and, sadly ended lol)

Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Big, loud, colorful movies with great characters and plenty of action. Did the plot REALLY matter? Nope! We love them anyways. We remember them with fondness. And if someone were to ask us today “What exactly WAS the plot to…?” – we probably couldn’t tell you lol, but we know we loved that shit! 😀

GotG, Vol 2 falls into that category. Great fun for the sake of FUN.

The movie opens with the team fighting an intergalactic behemoth threatening to to terrorize blah blah blah…oh who cares? Baby Groot cranks up the opening musical montage and its the most epic movie beginning possibly EVER.


The rest of the movie, something about Peter Quill’s dad being a living planet (have to see it to believe it :P) – and pissing off arrogant gold people. (yes, GOLD people)


Marvel Entertainment continues to spoil us. Easter eggs abound for the hardcore fans.

Prepare to Laugh nonstop for 2 hours. And that’s really what we care about! Worth every penny.

4 out of 5 stars




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