‘Get Out’ (2017) – of your house and go see this movie! Movie Review

“Get Out’ reminds me of every great horror movie I’ve ever seen, and why i love them”

30 Second Review: 

Considering that this is a debut feature from a first-time filmmaker, ‘Get Out’ is an instant classic! Has all the markings of a great horror movie + a social message. Comedian Jordan Peele establishes himself as a successful solo act and a household name. 🙂


Full Review:

‘Get Out’ is every Black Man’s worst fears…

Falling in love with that token Becky, that Cute White Chick – only to meet her folks and, they not only turn out to be RACIST – but also psycho. DAMN! Can’t a Brotha have some equal opportunity relations with a fair-skinned Cutie? Not in this movie. 😛

British actor Daniel Kaluuya plays Chris Washington, a Black man dating a White girl who goes on a simple weekend to meet her folks, and shit goes very very bad for him. In fact, shit turns into a NIGHTMARE. And no, its not just because the food is bland and they are lacking hot sauce.


Get Out is an unconventional horror movie which plays as a satire on the conventions of race, politics, and social status. See, there is Racism, and then there’s the other side of racism, the Liberal response, the Big Sister Nanny State, which uses Black paranoia to feed its own Leftist agenda. Only THIS agenda takes it waaaaaaaaaay a step further! lol – That Black paranoia is evident IMMEDIATELY in the opening scene and throughout.  – But we won’t even go THAT deep. In fact, Get Out reminds me of every great horror flick I’ve ever seen, and why I love them. Besides being a horror movie, it’s just a very well made and fun movie 🙂

Key word being FUN. The horror in Get Out comes in many forms and works on different levels. It’s all here: jump-scares, mood, atmosphere, macabre, blood, gore, and a few ‘WTF!’ moments in a very well-balanced and well-paced movie. Really though what more can you ask for? It’s just a fun movie from start to finish.

As a horror movie buff I must point out I see the John Carpenter/George Romero influence, and that’s a GOOD thing.  And, while not an entirely original concept (there are some trace elements of Being John Malkovich, itself a mind-bender of a movie), it’s definitely a breath of fresh air.

The casting is pitch-perfect! First off, did Allison Williams play the role of Down Azz White Girl to a T or WHAT? 😀 I mean, damn…she IS cute as all f!ck, but…


– I can see how son fell for her cute azz (got himself caught up in some SHIT too). But…


It’s all in the eyes. Gotta watch them crazy eyes! Funny thing is, I know chicks like her in real life 😛

Bradley Whitfield, who I last saw in the superbly awesome horror romp ‘Cabin in the Woods‘ – (which is on my list of Favorites) plays the White Liberal Dad who tries too hard to show he accepts his white daughter’s Black BF. But…..he comes across as a little TOO cool. And we soon find out why….

Then there’s Caleb Landry, who I last saw as a decent Banshee in X-Men First Class, plays the white GF’s brother, but – is he the ‘Crazy Cool or Crazy Crazy’ Brother? Hmm…

Shout-out to LaKeith ‘Don’t call me Keith anymore’ Stanfield!


This guy just owns whatever role he takes (Selma, Dope, Compton, Atlanta). Talk about RANGE! Bruh is a nice talent who just outgrew whatever the heck Donald Glover was paying him for Atlanta. Really, at this point the character of Darius seems a bit…beneath his level. His Atlanta salary would be a friendly favor.

And finally, let’s give a warm shout-out to Lil Rey Howery! I have NO idea who this brotha is but he damn near stole the show! Lil Rey’s character basically plays EVERY BLACK PERSON IN ANY HORROR MOVIE haha 😀 He is the best friend brought a level of (comical) common sense to the White People madness. That homey who got your back despite your foolishness. His character was my favorite in the movie!

In the end, Get Out is a definite crowd-pleaser and well worth a watch. This is one of those movies best seen in a full theater or with friends. Plenty of laugh out loud and enough WTF moments that will have you talking about it after the credits roll 🙂


(out of 5 deadly teacups!)

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